Have the Confidence to Not Give a Damn

You may or may not enjoy this article. Either way, I don?t give a damn.

Okay, I might be exaggerating. I certainly hope you enjoy this more than some article concerning Justin Bieber?s hair or Amanda Bynes? drunken escapades. I was just trying to get your attention.

Other than writing this article, I really do try to approach life and make decisions without worrying about how others will look at me. This involves everything from what I do for a living to what I wear to having a Yoshi doll on my desk. C?mon, like you don?t love ?Super Mario World.? (See my recent article ?Have the Confidence to be a Dork.

Be more like Jack

Now, I?m not saying I don?t give a damn about others or societal standards altogether. I care what my mom thinks about me and I don?t think it?s wise to walk into Wal-Mart wearing assless chaps. I do, however, make it a point to pursue my own goals and do things my way without worrying about what Joe Schmo thinks.

Ask yourself this: ?Do I make decisions based on others? expectations?? Do you do or not do certain things in life because you?re worried about how you?ll appear? Are you skeptical of the image you?re projecting to the world? If so, it?s time you got more confident and stopped giving a damn what others think.

It is possible to live life on your own terms and follow your dreams. You just might have to deal with the consequences. That?s what separates the men from the boys. Say your goal in life is to own a pumpkin farm (there?s a decorative pumpkin in the room I?m writing in, alright?) Would you quit or feel bad about yourself just because your dad, friend, or some random stranger told you pumpkin farms are corny? If so, enjoy being a gutless turd for the rest of your life.

Confidence doesn?t come from following the status quo. Sure, reading GQ might help you score dates and convince you to stop rocking a bowl cut, but you won?t be confident just by modeling yourself after some made-up ultra-male. You can?t fake confidence. You can embody confidence, however, by sticking to your guns no matter how much shit anyone gives you.

Have the confidence to start your own business no matter how much your friends tell you not to. Have the confidence to dress like a 50s greaser no matter how many weird looks you get at work. Don?t let others? expectations of you cloud your judgment.

Part of being a confident guy is not giving a damn what others think of you. You?re inevitably going to have to deal with backlash, but that?s just comes with the territory. You need to be able to do your own thing without the objections and outcry of others holding you back.

If you give a damn about your individuality, goals, dreams, etc., stop giving a damn what others think. I sure as hell ain?t getting rid of that Yoshi doll anytime soon.

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About John Brhel John Brhel is a freelance writer from upstate New York that enjoys picking apart life's idiosyncrasies and listening to Huey Lewis & the News.

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