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5 Ways to Move on After Someone Breaks Your Heart


Heartbreak is one of the most painful experiences we can undergo. To someone who doesn’t know the feeling, it’s difficult to explain.

Frowns, upside-down

A complex entanglement of disappointment, confusion, shock, grief, sadness, wistfulness, melancholy, depression, and regret washes over you. It’s nearly impossible to concentrate on anything but your lost love.

The emotional hurt doesn’t leave either. It slowly fades to the background, but it stays there for weeks, months, and even years in some cases. It’s a dull ache that numbs you to other happenings.

It’s important to remember that you aren’t alone. Billions of other people have gone through this same struggle before you, and it is eventually going to be okay. There are some things you can do to expedite the healing process.

1. Let it all out.

Don’t bottle anything up inside you. Sob your eyes out, write poems or letters you’ll never send, and talk to your loved ones about it.

It’s best to talk to someone who’s really been there and gone through life’s highs and lows. Often times, talking to the eternal optimist who is all cheery and says, “You’ll meet someone better! You’ll be fine!” is the worst thing for you.

You need someone who can empathize and feel your pain with you. I’ve found that my dad has been the best person to talk to since my recent breakup.

2. Stay busy.

Trust me. I know it seems insurmountable to actually think about doing something in the state you’re in. You feel like spending the next 3 years on the couch eating nothing but ice cream and Snickers bars.

However, the more time you sit around and sulk, the sadder you will become. You can’t just give yourself unlimited time to mull everything over repeatedly and ask yourself what went wrong. It isn’t healthy.

Focus on a hobby or project. Throw yourself into work or school. Do anything to take up your attention and take your mind off of your ex.

3. Take care of yourself.

Binge eating, staying up late, and abusing substances may provide some kind of temporary consolation at this point in time, but the after-effects really aren’t worth it.

Eat healthily, get plenty of rest, and exercise if possible. Anything to make you feel naturally good about yourself will help you begin to accept the single life again. You can be independent and happy without being lonely.

4. Look forward to something.

Right now I’m getting through this week by looking forward to the Red Hot Chili Peppers concert I get to go to on Sunday. In the more distant future, I’m looking forward to a relaxing trip up to Northern Michigan with my dad over Christmas break.

Having hope for better times and anticipation of something exciting can really help us pass the right now. Find something positive to focus on in the future and tell yourself that by then you’ll be feeling a lot better and enjoying yourself.

5. One day at a time, let the weeks slide by.

It is essential to realize after heartbreak that the greatest healer will be time. You simply can’t expect to feel significantly better overnight or even after a couple weeks in some cases.

Focus on getting through one single day, then the next, then the next. Days will turn into weeks will turn into months, and soon enough you’ll be in a much better place.

About Gregory Arnold

Gregory is a writer, difference maker, and personal growth enthusiast. He believes that by improving ourselves, we find true happiness and improve the world in the process.

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