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Be Thankful for Your Body: Get Fit

It?s that time of year again, a time when we all come together as Americans to eat way too many carbs, watch football, and fight with our douchebag brother-in-law(s). That?s right: it?s Thanksgiving.

Reign it in!

If you?re like my family, you say what you?re thankful for before digging into the turkey and ambrosia salad. While ?Call of Duty: Black Ops II? and Christina Hendricks might be two awesome things to give thanks for, there are actually more important things in life. Really.

Not to be weird or pervy or anything, but have you considered just how amazing your body is? I have. I mean, I think it?s kind of cool that I can simultaneously play guitar and chew gum while watching ?Back to the Future.? I also think it?s awesome that I can lift weights and run multiple miles without breaking into a million pieces.

This year, how about you give thanks to the thing that gives you the ability to eat pizza, have sex, and do the Robot. Show your body how thankful you are for it being all flexible and able to function properly and stuff by exercising and eating right.

I know you?re probably saying ?Umm, can?t this wait until next week? I?d really rather inhale pumpkin pie and eggnog and lie around watching reruns of ?The Office? right about now.? Hey, that?s totally cool. If you spend most of your year eating right and working out, you totally have the right to eat like shit and veg out for a day or two in late November.

But what are you going to do when the last leftover turkey sandwich is eaten and your dickwad brother-in-law has left your house? Are you going to continue making poor diet choices and slacking fitness-wise? If you give a damn about that rad body of yours, you?d better not.

What do you do when you?re thankful for something? Do you just say ?thanks? and call it a day? If your girlfriend comes home with a burrito from your favorite Mexican place and gives you a backrub, do you just say ?thanks, babydoll? and go on your way? No way, dude. You show how thankful you are by giving her a backrub and actually letting her watch ?Keeping Up With The Kardashians? that night.

The same goes with giving thanks for your body. You don?t just look at your legs and go ?Whoa, that?s pretty cool I can move from the couch to the fridge just like that? and sit on your ass the rest of the day. No, you show your legs how much you care by going for a daily walk/run or joining a spinning class or doing squats, etc. etc. You show your body you value it working and stuff, and don?t fill it with soda, beer, burgers, and Taco Bell on a daily basis. You eat lean meats, veggies, and other healthy foods and keep it functioning properly.

This year, give thanks for your body. Pass the gravy to that butthead brother-in-law and make a plan to eat well and stay in shape. You?ll be much more thankful come next Thanksgiving.

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About John Brhel John Brhel is a freelance writer from upstate New York that enjoys picking apart life's idiosyncrasies and listening to Huey Lewis & the News.

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