Must-Read: Beer Myths Shattered


Beer is great. We love beer. There are few things better than drinking a nice, cold, brewed beverage, especially as the weather begins to turn a bit colder and we need that pure warmth in our gut. But there are also plenty of myths about the lovely beverage that we all love. Myths that have just been spread over and over, because they make sense, and they can actually make your beer-drinking experience more poor than it should be. And if those myths are affecting your beer consumption in any way, well, then it’s time to debunk those myths and make it plenty better.

So today we’re heading over to Men’s Health where they have a listing of a variety of beer myths that will have you thinking differently about the glorious beverage. For example, this bit of beer mythbusting:

MYTH #2: Bottled beer is better than canned beer
FACT: Nothing maintains freshness as well as a can
There are two primary concerns with storing beer in bottles: oxygen and light. ?Bottles aren?t perfect,? says Charles Bamforth, Ph.D., author and professor of malting and brewing sciences at The University of California-Davis. ?With time, oxygen coming in under the cap will make your beer taste like cardboard, and light coming in through the glass will turn it skunky.?

The worst bottles are those with clear glass (like Corona?s) and twist-off caps (like nearly every mass-market American lager). ?Sealed aluminum is just better at keeping out oxygen and light,? he says.
Don?t like the feel of the can? Fine?just pour the brew into a glass. That?s the best way to consume good beer anyway.

Head on over to the link to check out the rest, and then you can share your knowledge of beer with your friends and they will respect you!

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