Make a Fitness Wish List

Remember when you were little and you used to write a wish list of all the things you wanted for Christmas, like a Ninja Turtles blimp or Crossfire? Oh, wait, you still write a wish list and email it to your mom? You greedy bastard.

While you?re probably in the market for electronics, DVDs, clothes, and full color cardboard cutouts of Victoria?s Secret angel models (which guy isn?t?), you might want to consider expanding your virtual wish list if you give a reindeer?s ass about your physical fitness.

Do it to it

Get a head start on all the New Year?s resolutioners and start pursuing your fitness goals before the ball drops. The best way to do it is to create small goals for yourself. Being that it?s the holiday season, you can think of it as your fitness wish list.

Like your regular wish list, your fitness wish list is a document of things you want in your life, things that will make you feel better overall. For example, getting a sweet new leather jacket will help you get closer to your goal to look more like the Terminator much in the same way that running three miles every other day will help you become fitter. Receiving gifts has its benefits and so does working out.

Consider what you want to achieve before the year is out. Are you looking to lose weight or build muscle? Do you want to start training for a marathon or become an accomplished swimmer? In order to achieve the goals on your fitness wish lists, you?ll need to take the right steps to get there.

Think of the items you?ve added to Christmas wish lists of years past. Did you fill them up with things you wanted or things you needed? Did you ask for pogs (a want) when you should have asked for clothes that weren?t neon? Did you write down ?every season of Seinfeld? (a want) when you should have written down ?social skills? (a need)?
Much like a real wish list, you can fill your fitness with list with wants or needs. You might want to get ripped and start bench pressing huge amounts of weight, but you might need to stick to ten pound dumbbells and cardio for the time being. Your fitness wants might not be in line with your fitness needs for the time being. Before you start running 15 miles a day because you want to become an ultra-marathon runner, you might need to stick to a few miles every other day on the elliptical in the beginning.

No matter your skill level, there?s no time like now to create a fitness wish list. You?ll end the year strong and start 2013 running. While your lamewad friends are busy munching on sugar cookies and thinking of all the new gadgets, power tools, and video games on their list, you?ll be working toward your fitness goals and improving your life. This year, may visions of cardio and weight training dance in your head.

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