The One Person Keeping You From Succeeding

Listen up, cause I?ve figured out who?s been keeping you from achieving all of your goals, from realizing all of your hopes and dreams, from securing your dream job or scoring a date with that cute redhead who sits in the next cubicle over. He?s been right under your nose this whole time, holding you back from working hard, from pushing yourself to be all you can be. Are you ready?

Drumroll, please. It?s?????.YOU!

Stop blaming your life circumstances, your appearance, your height, your lack of a prep school education, your horrible dancing skills, etc., etc., etc. and stop taking responsibility for your own actions. If you?re not where you want to be in life and you?re not giving it your all, the only one you have to blame is yourself.

Take a look

No one is going to push you to become better than you already are. Did anyone force Einstein to come up with the general theory of relativity or John Lennon to write brilliant pop songs? No! Guys who get things done do so by their own volition. Okay, some may have it easier than others. Some guys are born rich, handsome, famous, etc., but all of us have the potential to reach great heights if we try.

Who?s in control of your destiny? If you believe in fate and just think life?s going to work itself out for you, good luck with that. If you don?t want to end up waiting around for life to happen to you, you?ve got to take the wheel and drive.

You can either be your best ally or your own worst enemy. You can be an independent, responsible man and take action to better your situation or you can keep playing the blame game, keep procrastinating, and keep living a dull, unfulfilled life.

No one, not your dad, girlfriend, professor, boss, etc. is your keeper. If you?re not living up to your full potential, you can?t blame your manager or your well-off friend for your own lack of success. That?s the easy way out, and it?s the one that will keep you where you are.

The only one keeping you from succeeding is that dude in the mirror, that lowly bastard who isn?t doing all he can. He?s the one who?s not taking the steps to achieve your goals. He?s the one who?s skipping class, not working out, sleeping in, feeling sorry, etc.

Now that you know the culprit, what are you going to do about him? Are you going to sit back and let him win or are you going to take charge? Do you want to be looking at a sorry loser or a go-getting winner the next time you go to shave? The choice is yours alone.

You can either be the person that keeps you from succeeding or the one who propels you to success. No one else is holding you back; don?t hold yourself back either. Be the guy you want to be and the other guy won?t know what hit him.

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About John Brhel John Brhel is a freelance writer from upstate New York that enjoys picking apart life's idiosyncrasies and listening to Huey Lewis & the News.