Overlooked Places to Meet Young Women

Sometimes you step outside and realize just how many fine-as-hell women there are walking around the streets of town. It’s a beautiful thing…. Such an abundance of hotness.

But, even with all of the women out there in the world in plain sight, I thought I’d still spell out a few more places that are easy to meet friendly young women for your dating pleasure.

These are places that a lot guys overlook, but I consider each of these to be a GOLDMINE if approached correctly.

1. Public transportation

Public transportation has a disproportionate amount of attractive females because it caters to college students and other young urbanites. Weekend nights in particular the city subways are packed with women who are going out on the town or who are coming back from the bar feeling a little buzzy and talkative. Some guys are shy about approaching women on the train or bus because there are often a lot of other people nearby who will overhear your approach, but the fact is that nobody cares, and even if they did, why should that matter to you? Your ride will be over in a matter of minutes and you’ll probably never see any of those people ever again in your life.

2. All girls colleges

Clearly this option is best suited for younger guys, but if you are under 25 and you have a women’s college nearby you owe it to yourself to swing by and check out the talent. I grew up near an all girls school and me and my buddy used to go sit on this bench in the middle of campus back in high school and just wait for girls to come talk to us. We thought we were the shit getting invited inside the all girls college dorms at 16… It’s really quite remarkable how “boy-crazy” these chicks get when they are kept apart from men all day.

3. Behind the counter

If you are into dating attractive younger girls don’t overlook all of the cute cashiers, baristas, waitresses and bartenders that serve you every day. A lot of guys make excuses for why they can’t pick up on these girls saying things like “I don’t want to bother her while she’s at work” and other such nonsense. But there is no reason you need to fall victim to this sort of self-defeating misconception. If a woman is attracted to you then she’ll be thankful that you went for it and attempted to take things beyond the normal customer/employee interaction with her.

The key with this that you need to gauge how busy she is and act accordingly. If she has nothing going on and is just standing around then talk to her for a while before you get her number so that you can give her a taste of who you are so that she’ll remember you. But, if she is swamped with work just hop in there real quick and see say something like, “I can see that you are busy, but I didn’t want to let this moment pass by without introducing myself… I’m Jake” then you can follow up with, “Want to hang out later?… I can call you…” Punch her number into your phone, flash her a smile and that’s that.

4. Online Dating Sites

There’s no question that online dating sites are TEAMING with young women, who are dying to meet “Mr. Right”, and also happy to spend quality time with “Mr. Right Now” …

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