Top Five Destinations of Bakersfield

Sometimes the best way to figure out cool destinations comes not from travel sites or star systems, but just from talking with friends. The other day I happened to mention the country music show from long ago, ?Hee-Haw? and then how Buck Owens came from Bakersfield. That?s when my friend let me know he knew a little bit about the town just a couple hours north of Los Angeles.

Instead of trying to quote him, though it would be worth it, I?ll paraphrase instead. Buck Owens didn?t come from Bakersfield, but Texas. He lived in Bakersfield and that?s how the ?American? sound he pioneered came to get its moniker. Besides Buck Owens, Bakersfield has a good deal of good restaurants that specialize in Basque cuisine.

So, not only did I get a little info on the great Buck, I also had an idea for where to try to eat the next time I head north. With those two things in mind, it wasn?t hard to come up with five places to try in Bakersfield.

Listen to music at the Crystal Palace and Museum

Big trees!

It makes sense that the inspiration for the conversation and exploration of Bakersfield should come first as Buck Owens? Crystal Palacestill hosts performances by the Buckaroos. You can check out the museum with guitars and memorabilia as well as enjoy a bite to eat like fried catfish or chicken fried steak.

Drink at Sandrini?s

If you want to hold your hunger until you get to a restaurant that serves Basque cuisine, then that?s understandable as well. First, there?s Sandrini?s, which seems to be trying to look a bit chic by the picture on the front page of its website and its two patrons dressed in black. The cuisine quickly faded in my interest though after I caught the lengthy beer list of this restaurant.

Eat at the Wool Grower?s Restaurant

Instead, I?ll save my appetite for the Wool Growers Restaurant. I?m not sure which of the items on the menu qualify as Basque cuisine, I?m sure I?ll just ask my server and then throw an order of escargot on top of it all, just to make sure I try something vaguely European.

Learn a bit at the Kern County Museum

From what I can by looking at the Website for the Kern County Museum, oil plays a large part in the history of the county. Much of the museum is outside, so be sure you?re ready to walk around. However, save a bit of your energy.

Get outside in the Sequoia National Forest

You?re going to need your strength to see sequoias everywhere in the Sequoia National Forest. A two and a half hour drive on route 178 takes you to the heart of the forest where you can find many day hikes to whet your sequoia appetite or stop by the Lake Isabella Ranger Office on your way into the forest to get some personalized information.

Any suggestions for things that I missed? Any additional recommendations for the area? Just let me know in the comments.


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