Must-Read: Hot Ladies of the UFC

There’s good reason that we don’t entirely think of super hot women whenever we think of the UFC. More often than not, the sport is just two enormously-ripped guys beating the hell out of each other. But there’s an even more important aspect included in the whole UFC event. No, not the ref. And no, not the screaming throngs of fans. And no, not the actual metal octagon that keeps all of these crazed shirtless men near each other. And no, not the blood. Of course, seeing as you no doubt already read the title of this post, I’m talking about the lovely ring girls. The ones that travel around the ring with the various round numbers and other hype material to get the aforementioned throngs of fans all up in a tizzy. And today, we celebrate their hard work.

So head on over to where they have a lovely gallery of some of the lovelies of the UFC. For example, here are a few of the lovelies that they are highlighting in their piece:

Head on over to the link for some more glorious gals of the UFC. While the gallery itself may not be the largest around — it is, to be fair, a mere three photos — it is simply to get caught in the technological whirlpool that is the various galleries over there. So, you know, just keep that in mind before you click the above link. Chances are, your day is going to be taken care of there.

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