Must-Read: How to Handle Boobs


The thing about most sex tips is that they focus on areas that we touch below the belt. And it makes sense, seeing as that’s where the main parts that need the touching are. But more often than not, what that means is that guys (and girls, to some extent) can master those steps without knowing any others. For instance, just what do we know about how to touch boobs. For the most part, lots of guys are simply into them as a gateway into the rest of the sexual act. But that is not the way it should be! Instead, the boobs should be simply step one, and a step that needs a lot of work and determination before moving on. You need to become a boob expert to be taken seriously out there.

So today, it is our great pleasure to head on over to Men’s Health, where they have a bunch of advice for how to handle the various types of boobs that there are out there. Among the wisdom that they doll out:

Large Breasts: In a study conducted at the University of Vienna, researchers found that large breasts were about 24 percent less sensitive than small ones. “This is probably because the nerve that transmits sensation from the nipple is stretched,” says Alan Matarasso, M.D., a plastic surgeon in New York City. Stimulate the outer sides of her breasts, just below the armpits, with your tongue or fingertips. Make flipping motions with your tongue and even experiment with light nibbling.

Small Breasts: They’re sensitive, but they can handle more motion because of their size. Use your palms to cup and gently bounce her breasts during sex.

This is but the tip of the iceberg. So head on over to the link, and then find someone to test these new skills on.

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