Must-Read: Ending a First Date

First dates are, simultaneously, some of the worst and best times you’re going to have. When things are clicking and you’re on the same page with one another, it is truly a glorious time. When things are screeching to a terrible halt and you know you never want to see this person again, then things are certainly not as easy. But what is tough to determine, in any case, is exactly how to end those first dates.

Which means, today we’re heading over to Men’s Fitness in order to check out some advice one how to end a first date. It is, truly, an important little piece of business that it takes quite awhile to get over that hump and learn how to end it. For instance, here is the advice on how to end a first date with a very lovely lady:

C) Hello, Future Wife?basically, she blew your mind.

Best date ever? (Cue happy dance, streamers, confetti and montage music!) What follows should be a more nonverbal-than-verbal indication of your feelings. ?Look her directly in the eyes and say, ?I had an amazing time with you tonight,? and move in for the perfect nightcap: a quick goodnight kiss,? Frances says. ?If she turns her cheek, don?t freak out. She might not be ready for a lip-lock?yet.? Either way, if she?s that amazing, be bold. Tell her you want to see her again, set up another date, and then follow up with a call the next day. She?ll get the hint: This guy?s seriously into me. Nothing hotter than that?

Bottom line here, guys? Be direct. It might seem scary, but doing so is way less awkward in the short term?and gets the point across far better for the long run.

Head on over to the link above to check out the other options. And then get on out there and get some first dates!


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