Must-Read: Hottest Women of 2013

The first few weeks of January are both a time to look back into the past, and most importantly into the future. What trends are going to be all the rage in 2013? What music is going to be blowing your mind? What exactly is going to be up for the next batch of Oscars? But what we’re dealing with today is much, much more important: Who are the hottest ladies that will be gracing our various screens in 2013?

So today we’re heading towards Men’s Health where they have a listing of the 100 hottest women of 2013. Do we agree with this specific list? Do we not exactly think that they are completely dead-on? Are there errors to their way? Well, of course there are. For example, the following three incredible hotties:


They are NOT number one. Of course, they can’t all be number one. Except on our list, where we simply just make them all tie for number one and be done with it. But still, they are WAY too low on their list. Just how low? Well, that you’re going to have to find out yourself by clicking the above list and then making your anger known in the comments below. Happy hunting, fellow hot lady seekers!

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