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Must-Read: Best Brewery Tours


Tours are, simultaneously, some of the most entertaining and also the most frustrating experiences around. A great tour can expand your mind in ways you have never thought possible, with the stories behind whatever and the great photo opps available. But tours, for the most part, are also some of the MOST BORING things around. If you get a bad or tired tour guide, or the subject matter just isn’t what you thought it would be, well, then you just wasted two hours and are ready for a big nap. That said, there is one tour that will NEVER be boring, and that’s the tours that happen every day at the breweries throughout the country.

So today, we’re letting the great folks over at Men’s Health do the hard work by listing the best brewery tours around. They are, as you’d imagine, some of the greatest tours you’re going to take around. And sure, a lot of that has to do with the fact that you’re actually drinking during the tour. But, still. Here’s their reason why:

The average brewery tour is just further proof that beer makes everything better. Wander a hallway and listen to a guy ramble for 15 minutes? Boring. But when that same guy hands you a tiny glass filled with several ounces of cold, fresh lager? Brilliant. Such is the power of man’s most popular beverage. With hundreds of breweries emerging nationwide, here are a few of the most popular stops to drink in all the perks.

Our favorite, and the photo of the one up there, that’s Anchor Brewing up in San Francisco. It is worth checking out, of course. But there’s another bunch that are listed that need to be checked out. So head on over to the link above and read them and then drink!

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