Top Five Movies of Uma Thurman

I love when I get to reflect back on an actress like the beautiful Uma Thurman. So many things come to mind because of her long and varied movie career. There are comedies. There is fantasy. There is sci-fi. There are co-stars like Bill Murray. There was my internal debate on whether or not I found her more attractive than her co-stars. (Sometimes no, sometimes resoundingly yes.) There?s “Oprah, Uma.? There?s just so much there.

However, when narrowing it down to five, there?s really no competition. Sure, I may have thought briefly about the promise of a movie like ?My Super Ex-Girlfriend? or one of the better romantic comedies in ?The Truth About Cats & Dogs,? but they don?t really compare to some of the heavy hitters on Uma?s list. The trick becomes how to rank them as they contain some of my favorite movies of all-time. So, without further ado, let?s hit Uma?s top five before ?Movie 43? creates any bad will.

5. Gattaca

I love a good science fiction movie and ?Gattaca? pressed all the right buttons for me. Plus, I?ve always had a soft spot for Uma, as I said above, as well as Ethan Hawke after the superior ?Mystery Date.?

4. Sweet and Lowdown

As I recounted in my look at the career of Samantha Morton, I really liked this film. Saying you like Woody Allen films is not that big of a stretch. However, just when you think he might be done after ?Hollywood Ending? or ?Scoop? or ?Celebrity,? he comes right back with a ?Match Point? or ?Midnight in Paris? or ?Sweet and Lowdown.?

3. Pulp Fiction

Yes, I know, you could argue this movie as an easy number one. This movie is the only one that made me feel queasy at a theater and that was the moment John Travolta jabbed the shot of adrenaline into Uma?s heart. It still makes me cringe to just think of it. Watching the scene again makes me wonder why I don?t rank this movie higher.

2. Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2

Well, the reason why ?Pulp Fiction? doesn?t rank higher is because this is Uma?s list and not Travolta?s list or Quentin Tarantino?s list or Samuel L. Jackson?s list. And if I?m going to list an Uma/Tarantino film in Uma?s list, it better be fucking ?Kill Bill? (and yes, I am technically cheating with these two as one movie, unlike what I did for Lucy Liu. Which also might help to explain how two Kill Bills beat one ?Pulp Fiction,? but I?m really just justifying.)

1. The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

But, ranking ?The Adventures of Baron Munchausen?s? above both Tarantino films might seem sacrilegious. Let me explain. Wait, let me sum up. I like fantasy movies. I love the guys from Monty Python and I love visually trippy films that still pay attention to story. It would be hard for any movie to beat this one.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Uma Thurman top five?

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