Top Five Movies of Rooney Mara

This may be the first year I didn?t watch the Super Bowl in its entirety. Even when I lived in Ireland and the game started after midnight, I found time and interest to watch it. However, this year, fantasy football broke me at last. I couldn?t watch a game without thinking about statistics instead of just watching the game. (I assume it?s kind of like the professional gamblers in the book ?Lay the Favorite? that have to root for point spreads the whole game with thousands of dollars on the line stomach churning the entire time.)

I mention this because this week I?m looking at the movie career of Rooney Mara, whose IMDB biography says she is the daughter of a New York Giants executive and granddaughter of Art Rooney, Sr. I think that means that she?s football royalty, at least in my eyes, but that could be because in my eyes, she looks like she could fit right in with the daughters of ?Downton Abbey.? However, we?re not here to talk football or television; we?re here for movies. Rooney has a nice selection to make her top five.

5. A Nightmare on Elm Street

Yes, the original is much, much better. However, I?ll take Jackie Earle Haley over Robert Englund for pure creepiness and Rooney and Katie Cassidy (?Arrow?) trump Amanda Wyss (?Better off Dead?) from the original. The one advantage the first one had in terms of actors was the future star power of Johnny Depp.

4. Winning Season

Emma Roberts joins Rooney in this movie about Sam Rockwell taking over coaching a girl?s basketball team. Add in Rob Corddry (?Children?s Hospital?) and that?s at least worth checking out between football and baseball seasons.

3. Youth in Revolt

Again, I?m just going to list all of the cool actors that are in this movie and see if you agree with me that it sounds awesome: Michael Cera; Zach Galifianakis; Steve Buscemi; Fred Willard; Ray Liotta; M. Emmet Walsh. Yep, those are certainly some actors and ?Youth in Revolt? is certainly a movie.

2. Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

My list of books to read includes ?The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? because I have heard some good things, good things. I?ve also heard some good things about the original Swedish version. Then, there?s the Rooney version. I?m sure all are enjoyable, but I also know that whichever version I consume first will probably be most likely the one I?ll like best, so I?m torn. Rooney?s version first? I hear good things.

1. Social Network

This movie was an easy listing for number one. I went in thinking that I couldn?t stand the idea of a movie about social networking and that it would just drive me batty and I left thinking what an amazing story. (Probably not that true of a story, but still, a great story.) I have to admit that I didn?t cringe much during ?The Lone Ranger? Super Bowl commercial just because of what Armie Hammer did in this movie.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Rooney Mara top five?


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