Must-Read: Normal in the Bedroom?

Sex is a dicey issue to most. A lot of folks don’t enjoy talking about it for, well, pretty obvious reasons. Our society tends to stigmatize the sexual act in ways that don’t make it “proper” to talk about in most circumstances. Which is a giant shame, because then we don’t have a good understanding as to whether or not what we’re doing or how we’re acting is a normal process, or something that makes us strange. Which is why every now and then it’s important to get a sense of where everyone else is according to one of those sex surveys that litter the pages of magazines here and there.

So today we’re heading over to Men’s Fitness, where they have a wide range of sex statistics that you can use to rank yourself up against. For example, these two questions:

7. What’s your favorite sexual position?
Despite what you may have heard about the Dirty Sanchez, most guys? favorite bedroom trick is surprisingly predictable: Twenty seven percent prefer the classic missionary position, followed by doggy style at 24 percent.

8. Have you cheated on your partner?
We all shake our heads at the high-profile men who stray (here’s looking at you, Petraeus) but guess what? A whopping 23 percent of guys have cheated on their mate, according to research published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior. Other interesting findings from that same study: Women cheat almost as much as men (19 percent say they’ve done it), and people with sexual performance anxiety are more likely to step out.

Head on over to the link above to check out the other 18 questions, and see where you fall in the range of normal to abnormal to supernormal.

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