Top Five Movies of Susan Sarandon

I had no idea that Susan Sarandon was 66. The moment I saw her birthday on IMDB (October 4, 1946) it stunned me. So, I looked at the rest of her filmography and realized that her first role came when she was 24 in 1970. She did ?Rocky Horror Picture Show? when she wasn?t yet 30. Then I looked at the other people born in 1946 and just kept saying ?wow? to myself. Actors like Sylvester Stallone, Alan Rickman, Tommy Lee Jones, Sally Field, Diane Keaton, Ed O?Neil, Eugene Levy, Tim Thomerson, Danny Glover (hasn?t he been too old for this shit for a while now?) and another ?Rocky Horror Picture Show? star, Tim Curry. Directors like Steven Spielberg, David Lynch, John Woo, John Waters and Oliver Stone. People that have passed away like Gilda Radner, Andre the Giant, Freddie Mercury, Elizabeth Sladen and Pete Postlewaite. Ex-presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were also born in 1946. All of these people are (or would be) the same age.

What does this mean other than I bet every year has a list like this? (1947 has Albert Brooks and Kevin Kline, which is decent. 1945 has Steve Martin and Helen Mirren, which isn?t too bad either.) I have no clue except that in the words of the Steve Miller Band, ?Time keeps on slippin? slippin? slippin? into the future.? (Just that quote means that the reason this seems to be a shock is that I?m getting old.)

So, the fact that Susan still makes good movies into her seventh decade is something to treasure as we look back at these five excellent movies.

5. Igby Goes Down

Number five was a tough one to determine. Part of me wanted to go with ?Enchanted? because cartoons that come to life fascinate me as I?ve written about before. However, I really remember enjoying ?Igby Goes Down? and it also has Claire Danes and Amanda Peet in it while ?Enchanted? just has the magic of Amy Adams.

4. Jeff, Who Lives at Home

Like I said, Susan still makes good movies as this one hit theaters just last year. The performances of Jason Segel and Ed Helms playing guys lost in different ways kind of surprised me with the depth that I haven?t seen before in their comedic performances.

3. Bob Roberts

The second, by my count, of Susan?s movies that she did with her boyfriend of several years Tim Robbins, this movie was probably one of the more enjoyable ones that tried to marry comedy and politics.

2. Thelma and Louise

The convertible carrying Susan and Geena Davis over the cliff still has to be one of the best endings since ?Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.? If you didn?t know that, it has been almost 25 years, you don?t get spoiler alerts after more than two years. (Bruce Willis is a ghost and there?s a transgender person in ?The Crying Game.?)

1. Bull Durham

This is the first movie that brought together Susan and Robbins and also may be the best baseball movie ever. I kind of hope that every catcher that plays baseball in all levels of the game has something of Crash Davis in him.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Susan Sarandon top five?

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