How To Land A Solid Number – 4 Easy Tips

We all know that landing a number isn?t such a big deal however, landing a solid number, one that actually gets a reply when we text/call a few days later, is an entirely different story. We?ve already discussed that kissing a girl when you first meet might help you get laid on the first date, but we?ve also mentioned that kissing a girl when you first meet won?t really make a number solid so, what will?

This article will focus on the things you can do/say to make that the number you?re getting is a solid one (one that actually gets a reply).

1. Create Interest

This may seem like an obvious one but it?s not really what you think. Sure, you want her to like you and be genuinely interested in your personality but in order for her to want to see you again; you need to spark her interest in wanting to know more. This means that you DO NOT want to put all of your cards on the table but instead, you want to keep an aura of mystery. Many girls have gone out with guys just because they wanted to see ?what was up? with them.
If you blatantly tell her everything you are, she?ll decide then and there if she wants or doesn?t want to see you again. On the other hand, if you?ve keep that aura of mystery, she might just want to see you again to find out more.

2. Make a timely exit

This is a fantastic way to leave her with a sweet taste in her mouth. As you probably know, the whole aim of a conversation is to make her feel good. If she?s feeling good, she?ll associate that good feeling with you. If you?re the one that she had a good time with, then you?re the one she wants to see again.

It?s important to stop the interaction close to its peak, right before it starts to dive down and you both start get bored whilst you?re desperately trying to think about more stuff to talk about. As a result, instead of lingering on a previously great conversation, you end the conversation when it?s great. This means that you?ve only had a great conversation and as a result, you?re the great conversationalist that made her feel good.

The only TIME when you DO NOT do this is when you?re at least 75% sure that this chick is DTF that night.

3. Interrupt the conversation

This is one of my favorite things to do. Ideally, you want to find one or more conversion subjects that she?s really into. Get her to talk about them but make it seem as if she didn?t get the chance to finish everything she wanted to say. This will give her more reasons to see you and give you reasons to call and set up a date (to finish that conversation).

You can also do this yourself by talking about something that she apparently likes or is interested in and then, switching subjects and not letting her hear all of your views on it. As a result, she?ll want to see you again to hear what you have to say.

If you can?t find a way to change the subject, break it up when it?s all good. If you excuse yourself from a very interesting but seemingly unending discussing, you?ll have to finish it some other time.

4. Make plans

Making plans is key for getting a solid number. Unless you make plans, she doesn?t really have a reason to see you again or, doesn?t even have a reason to give you her number. If you haven?t finished a subject, your plans would be to finish that subject but, if you skipped over that part you need to give her something to look forward to.

Guys normally just say: I had such a great time; we should really meet up again sometime. Can I have your number?? – That?s not really making plans.

What you want to do is to actually set up another date. Say: ?I had a really great time talking about XYZ, we should really meet up again. When are you free next week?? She will give you some options then you?ll pick one that you like and say: ?That?s great, I?ll give you a call 1 day before to set it up.?

Make sure you ask for it

Over the years I?ve noticed that the best way to get a number is to blatantly ask for it. Doing this will show her your true intentions (of wanting to see her again) and your true manliness (dude has balls, goes for what he wants).

If you?ve done any of the above 4 things, you immediately have a reason to ask for her number and she won?t have any reason to decline you. Do NOT stress about how you?re going to ask. It?s NORMAL for you to ask for her number since you?ve had such a great time together and want to do it again.

Remember: After you get her number, don?t forget to say when you?re going to call/text her. ?Great, I?ll call you on Monday!?

Here?s a sample scenario:

Say I?m in a crowded bar/club that?s also very loud. We talk and talk until then she asks? a question about me that requires a more complex answer (let?s say, what I do for a living). I say I have a great job but it?s a bit more complicated to explain (doesn?t matter what it is as long as you can use it as an excuse). I avoid asking the question by saying that this isn?t the right time or the place to talk about it, since it?s so loud and crowded (leaving a subjected open and showing mystery) .I then use this as an excuse to make plans with her sometime next week (during normal hours, where I can tell her all about what I do and she can tell me all about something else I left unfinished). Finally, I blatantly ask her for number in order to meet up for those plans. Simple!

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