Must-Read: Inspiration for Working Out

Unless you’re an insane maniac, getting into the gym isn’t the most fun thing around. Seriously, that’s kind of the point. You have to go there and put in your work, and maybe afterwards you have a bit of a high from getting your pump on and accomplishing a bit of a task, but the actual act of lifting weights is not a pleasant one. After all, you’re sitting there and working as hard as you can for a positive that won’t come for quite some time. The gym is no place for instant gratification. Which is why sometimes you need a little pick-me-up inspirational speech before heading out to get your pump on.

So today, we’re heading over to where they have a list of ways that will get you motivated to pump some weights.

But before we get into that, perhaps some actual useful information:
If you struggle with your weight, if you want to be fitter, stronger, faster, more muscular, have less pain and more energy, then nothing is more important to achieving these goals than having the will to make it happen.

The law of gravity is a real physical law of the universe. The ?law of attraction? is not. Just wishing for something isn?t going to magically power it into your lap. To get in shape, you?ve got to understand the psychology and put together a lifestyle plan and act on it.

Now don’t get your knickers in a twist because I used the words “psychology” and ?lifestyle plan.? I’ve done my best not to make you blow your groceries. There aren?t any group hugs or self-affirmations or other new-age bullsh*t.

Head on over to the link above to get some more inspiration and then get to the pumping of the irons!

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