Why Less Attractive Women Deserve Your Attention

All men go through a ?bang anything? phase which I like to refer to as my college days. During this phase, one would basically sleep with anything that moves. It doesn?t not mean that everyone acts upon these urges but it does mean some of us do. I for one, did. To put this simply, I?ve had my fair share of ?less attractive? chicks.

Being with more than one type of women has allowed me to know what I actually want and expect from the opposite sex, especially in terms of lovemaking. I now have my own personal standards and rarely go below the line however, I?m only able to do this because I?ve been there. This article is here to show you why you should also go there, at least once in your life.

So, why should you sleep with less attractive women?

My last article, ?The Player?s Official Sex Scale? was focused on rating a woman?s performance in bed. If you haven?t read it yet, please do so now.

Generally speaking, when it comes to looks, the less attractive a chick is, the higher her sexual performance will be. This means that banging ?not so hot? chicks on a regular basis would result in much more quality sex for you.

The Basics

In order to get your head around this idea we will need to look at things from a different angle. Yes, we rate women all the time, usually from 1(beast) to 10(diva) but that?s not what we want here. We want to take into consideration how women feel about themselves personally.

For the sake of this article let?s just say that women would class themselves into 3 distinct categories. Hot (8-10), Normal (6-7) and Not So Hot (5 and below).This is very important because if a ?Not So Hot? looking chicks does very well in the self-confidence department, she will act like a Hot chick. If you bang one of these girls, your sexual experience will not be better. Usually, you can quickly tell how a chick feels about herself in the first few minutes of a conversation, something you MUST do before you jump into bed with a ?beast? thinking the sex will be awesome.

Before we dive into some clean cut examples, I want to point out that sexual inexperience will overrule looks (if she?s having sex for the 3rd time in her life it will still be below average). Finally, I also want to take age out of the equation, as we?ve already looked at that in the last article.

So, let?s get to it:

Hot Chicks ? These girls are hot and they know it. Many of them believe that being incredibly hot is more than enough for men and think that letting us sleep with them is a privilege most men never get to experience. They think that if they just take their clothes off and let us see their sexy naked bodies, the job is done. While that may be true for many virgin dudes out there, it?s certainly not true for the ones that get regular tail.

This doesn?t happen because they are selfish or narcissistic, it happens because every random Dick and Joe out there tells them the same thing over and over, ?OMG I can?t believe how beautiful you are?. It?s only natural that with all that attention and ass kissing, the woman has no reason to work for anything.

These chicks usually fall into the ?The One That Doesn?t Move (aka The Starfish or The Doll) category but I have met plenty that acted like ?The One That?s Scared (aka The Virgin)?.

Sure, it?s important to note that there are indeed EXCEPTIONS but after you?ve slept with enough ?models? just because they looked hot, you will generally get the idea.

Normal Chicks ? These girls find themselves in the middle of the attractiveness scale. This is where the result will vary completely depending on the chick?s confidence level and overall sexual interest. This is also why you may have had some great and bad lays during your lifetime, mostly because it is in this category that your dick spends the majority of its time.

You will find all stages of sexual satisfaction in this category and unless she tells you that BJ?s are her favorite pastime, there?s absolutely no way of knowing beforehand.

Not So Hot Chicks ? This is where stuff really starts to change. Many of these girls have a lot of insecurities and it?s those insecurities that we must learn to love. You see, because these girls are completely aware that they DO NOT fall into the ?Hot? category, they come up with a way to overcompensate. That way my friend? is usually sex.

The frequency of Pornstar sex in this category is overwhelming. Granted you need to have some balls to go in but, once it gets dark and stuff starts happening, oh boy you will love it.

If you have the bad luck of finding a sexually inexperience chick, she will probably fall into ?The One That Tries Too Much (aka The Disaster)? category but that?s only for a while until she finds her true sexual mastery.

All girls in this category will do SOMETHING extra to please you which means, all of them will at least fall into ?The One That Does Something (aka The Girlfriend)? competence stage. However, the majority of them will do their absolute best to please you. That is why finding ?The One That Knows (aka The Pornstar) in this category really is a regular occurrence.

Do It!
To put this simply, great sex and experience are the main reasons why you should bang at least one ?Not So Hot? chick in your lifetime. Just make sure she?s honest about her looks, otherwise you?ll be terribly disappointed.
And if you?re still asking yourself why that friend of yours is still seeing that beast you all laughed about?know that the sex he?s getting is probably awesome.

This is the sort of stuff I discuss on my blog and in the free eBook I give out. If you want to increase your success with women, visit http://ThePlayerGuide.com ? a place where the dating mindset is thrown out the window in favor of more direct and fruitful methods of meeting and seducing women.


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