Must-Read: What’s Hurting Your Memory

Aging is not the great thing in the world. Sure, there are big things that will happen to your body as your grow older and start to decay. You’re probably going to start putting on a little extra baggage in front and, well, in the back. And your joints are not going to be as pleasant when you start being active as you used to be. And you’re probably going to not have quite the same sex drive as you had as a youngster, unless you start popping some pills. And your hair is certainly going to thin out a bit, if not fall out completely. But one of the most seemingly minor, yet major, ways that you’re going to feel the aging process is by your memory starting to go. Simple things that you used to be able to recall simply will simply be … gone.

But there are ways to head that memory loss off at the pass.So today we’re heading over to Men’s Health where they have a list of three things that could be affecting your memory. Among the examples that they give us:

Low Levels of Vitamin B12

A study at Rush University found that markers of vitamin B12 deficiency were associated with declining cognitive ability over a period of 6 years. Scientists propose that a lack of B12 allows certain harmful amino acids to build up in the bloodstream and damage arteries, reducing blood flow to the brain. The fix: Eggs, beef, milk, and seafood are all good sources of B12. Check your daily multivitamin, too?most contain more than the 3.2 micrograms that the Food and Drug Administration recommends per day.

So get yourself some of that great B12 and start remembering things again.

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