Top Five Movies of Diane Kruger

I know we all have different versions of what is hot, but let me tell you, in my opinion one of the hottest things is a woman that can speak multiple languages. Traveling with a girl that can break out unfamiliar syntax and ask directions or find a cool local spot while traveling makes her that much more attractive. Believe me, it?s true. I?m not just saying that to justify this profile of , because I doubt I need to convince anyone of her beauty and acting ability.

According to Wikipedia, Diane speaks German, French and English. So, dating a lady with these lingual skills means you can travel to Munich for Oktoberfest, fly to Paris to drink absinthe and catch ?The Host? at a local theater in either city and not worry about needing subtitles. Though I have to admit, without Diane and Saoirse Ronan (?Atonement,? ?Hanna?) I would have serious reservations about ?The Host.? From the author of the ?Twilight? series that also spawned ?Fifty Shades of Grey,? I?m just skeptical of that whole branch of the tree of English literature. It would be better to discuss Richard Stark, Dashiell Hammett and Raymond Chandler with my multi-lingual date. Then, move onto movie adaptations of these authors (?The Outfit,? ?The Maltese Falcon? and ?Double Indemnity?). Then onto movies, but I?d recommend staying away from discussing these five great movies of Diane, unless you can find another reason to discuss them besides Diane, otherwise your date will think I?m, I mean you?re a bit obsessed.

5. The Hunting Party

The idea of regular people searching for war criminals intrigues me, and I have to admit, the consequences of finding people that don?t want to be found make for a pretty dramatic story idea. Add Diane to Terence Howard and Jesse Eisenberg, and I have a movie to add to my list.

4. Mr. Nobody

This idea sounds cool ? how lives change and fragment into different timelines with each decision. It also sounds cool because it adds Sarah Polley to act alongside Diane.

3. National Treasure

I think this is what the movie ?The Da Vinci Code? aspired to be. It?s interesting, it makes a kind of sense and it?s fun, all of which I can?t say about ?The Da Vinci Code.? Maybe it?s the crazy fun of Nicholas Cage.

2. Unknown

Speaking of crazy fun, I think that defines the last few years of Liam Neeson movies. There?s ?Taken,? there?s ?The Grey? and then there?s this movie about a doctor that loses his memory. It?s not great cinema, but sometimes that doesn?t matter, especially if you?re just looking for a break.

1. Inglourious Basterds

I think this might be that perfect fun example. I just saw ?Django Unchained? and though the music distracted me and it was a tad long (tad meaning anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour), I had a good time. I had a good time watching ?Inglourious Basterds.? I had a good time watching ?Death Proof.? I?d watch all of them again. They may not move me like other movies, but sometimes all I want is fun.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your top five?

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