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Must-Read: The Best Condoms Around

condom1Condoms are great. They actually let you HAVE SEX with women or men or whoever you want to have sex with, without having to worry about things like terrible genital-eating diseases or get yourself the HIV or worrying about things like having to spend the rest of your life caring for a whiny little baby. In fact, let’s upgrade our opening statement. Condoms aren’t just great. They are goddamn awesome.

But which one is right for you? There’s so many different options nowadays in order to protect that penis of yours, that you may not know what you should be getting. And make no mistake about it, all condoms are not made equal. While they are all good in the realm of saving you from babies and diseases — unless, of course, you buy them from some creepy dude on the subway for, like, a nickel per condom — there are a lot of differences regarding what exactly goes on in the condom itself. Some have lube, some don’t, some are shaped in odd ways, some have a crazy amount of ribbing, and some are just ridiculous. So today, we’re heading to Men’s Health where they have a list of the 10 best condoms around. Among their favorite:

BEST ALL-AROUND: Trojan Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy

More than a third of the guys in the Men’s Health test group rated this Trojan as their favorite. It’s shaped like a baseball bat (to allow more movement inside), has two sets of ribs, and is lubricated inside and out. Testers said it flexed well and the lube lasted a long time, and the women loved the ribs.

Rated high for: Comfort, fun
Rated low for: Natural feel

So head on over to Men’s Health to check out the rest of the list. And then get to condom shopping!

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