Must-Read: Ideas to Get Her in the Mood

In his latest comedy special on HBO — which, make sure to watch it however you can, because it’s certainly worthwhile — Louis C.K. talks a bit about The Big Moment in a date. It’s that single instance when a woman decides whether or not she is going to let the guy she’s on a date with have sex with her. It’s a small moment, one that is generally not even known to the man himself when it’s happening, but one that will set the tone for the relationship from there on out. The trick, then, is to make sure that sometime during the date you get her to make that decision, to pass the test of that Big Moment.

While there are no sure-fire ways to make this happen, as Men’s Fitness tells us, there are certainly some dates that are more likely to get you laid. Among the dates they recommend in order to get her in the mood include the following:

Take a partner yoga class together.

Spending time together relaxing, stretching, and letting go of the day’s stress fosters intimacy. Not to mention, yoga increases flexibility and physical confidence. Try a hot yoga class together if she’s into the idea of sweat glistening over your body. If she’s more adventurous, try a tantric yoga workshop–a workout specifically tailored to increase passion and sexual intimacy.

There are certainly worse ideas than that in order to get her in the mood. And that’s only 1 of the 10 ways that they are suggesting. So head on over to the above link, and give a few of those dates a try this weekend.

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