Must-Read: Healthier than Wheat Thins

So much of food is marketing, especially insomuch as what a product is named. (If Coca-Cola was renamed “pig snot,” odds are you won’t down so much of it during lunch.) But sometimes that works by tricking consumers into thinking that what they’re eating is actually good for them, when it reality it’s just as terrible as a lot of the foods out there. This is what we started thinking about when we came across this extraordinary article over at detailing a list of items that are, in actuality, healthier than the beloved “wheat thins” that are all the rage in dieting circles.I’ll let the author explain his reasoning:

I’m not here to point fingers. But recently, I became mildly addicted to the new onslaught of flavored Wheat Thins. These things are incredible, and their name worked so well: “wheat” and “thins.” My mind accepted that I was snacking healthily. But upon further analysis, one thing became clear. The Wheat Thin may not be much safer than some other treats.

So, he made a list of the items that are actually “healthier” than the new flavored wheat thins. And guess what, these things actually taste pretty great. Among the list of items that you can eat and, amazingly, not feel as bad about yourself then if you ate an actual wheat thin:

Klondike Bar: 6.2 grams protein

Klondike bars are a small and satisfying treat that don’t have nearly as many calories as a fast food milkshake, while also offering a small amount of protein as a consolation prize. Enjoy — just not every day.

Sign us up for a few of those! Head on over to the post to check out the rest.

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