4 Things You Need To Know About Women

I went out to see a movie recently with a good friend of mine, Jeff. The movie – “Side Effects” – turned out to be a pretty decent crime?drama, where the well-meaning guy is caught up in a web of intrigue and deception. And there were a few hot scenes with two women?kissing.

Always a bonus if you ask me… ??I remarked to my friend after the movie was over: ?You know, in all the movies where the guy?s wife leaves him because of a?misunderstanding, and he has to prove his innocence… We just see them together again. We never get to see that scene where she?apologizes for not believing him and begs him to take her back.???We had a good laugh at that, because it?s true.

And then we went on to talk about a few of the other essential things guys should be told about women before they start dating them.?You know, as a kind of “public service” pamphlet for men.

Here are 4 Things You Need To Know About Women…

4. They Love Drama

Drama rules a woman?s world. Though, she?d never describe it that way. To her, all the emotional turmoil she goes through is just the regular roller coaster ride of emotions that she views as being perfectly?normal. The ups and downs of her friend?s drama, her family drama, her dog?s drama? it?s all part of the world she lives in. Guys don?t find this?part of her world all that interesting ? most of the time. So we do our best to avoid her drama situations. But when they involve us, the guy has to know how to handle the drama. And there?s a way you can do this quickly and effectively ? if?you know the secrets of how to handle women.

I?ll explain that in just a minute?

Drama is simply her living her life and riding the inevitable roller-coaster of emotional ups and downs that comes with it. She needs this?in order to feel “alive” and engaged in her world. To her, it’s as necessary – and normal – as eating and breathing. ?Now this leads us to the next thing about women:

3. They Are Experts At Putting Men On The Defense

Have you ever heard the term ?flooding??

It?s a psychological term for when you feel overwhelmed with emotions coming at you from someone else. Which is typically what happens when a woman sits you down and says, ?We need to talk.? Those 4 words are enough to make any man freak out right there. Men seek calm and peace in their lives, so when this situation comes?up for us, it really throws us off.

And women KNOW it, but they still can?t seem to help themselves from hitting us with it when their emotional tea-kettle is about to?explode. You have to know when it’s coming so you can avoid the schrapnel. As they say, the best defense is a good offense.

If you have a woman in your life, or talk to women regularly (hopefully that?s every guy), you have to be ready for a woman laying a big?emotional stink bomb on you at ANY given moment.

It could be drama, could be a really heavy conversation about ?where this is going,? or just about anything. Especially topics related to?her momentary and passing insecurities.??You have to know how to keep a level head when the time comes. And that leads us to?

2. Women Really Don?t Like ‘Nice Guys.’

And I?m not referring to the kind of nice guy who pulls her chair out for her or opens doors for her. That?s not the kind of ?Nice Guy? I’m?talking about here.

I?m talking about the ?Nice Guy? that drives her crazy because he can?t seem to make a decision. The kind of Nice Guy that makes himself available for her all the time, anytime. Letting her walk all over him. ?The kind of Nice Guy that buys a woman gifts and dinners and dates in the hopes that if he spends enough, she?ll come around.

Just an FYI, in case you haven?t figured this out on your own: You can?t ?nice? a girl into bed. Not even with guilt. The truth is that nice =?boring. A woman needs to feel that powerful sexual charge that tells her she?s dealing with a seriously Alpha man.??This is the guy I call the ?Nice? Bad Boy. ?Which leads me to?

1. She Loves Bad Boys

Whether we like it or not ? and most of us DON?T like it? Women LOVE Bad Boys.

The Bad Boy is unapologetically sexual with women, and as a result, he gets to sleep with more women than most average guys out?there. Why? What is it these guys do that gets women???Well, first of all, he knows how to handle her drama. He knows that when she pulls out the emotional big guns, he can take it. He isn’t?thrown for a loop.

He also has the confidence to handle any emotional barrage a woman can come up with. He?s never rattled by her.??He also knows that women SAY they want a nice guy, but they really don?t mean ?nice? in that way. Women want a man who can respect?them and treat them well ? but they absolutely need a guy that knows how to trigger her feeling of adventure and excitement.??When she comes to him with a big, heavy emotional trip – The Bad Boy knows what to say and how to handle her.??The Bad Boy really isn?t ?bad.???He?s just the guy we?ve been made to believe is the hurt, James Dean type. Standing on a street corner with his leather motorcycle?jacket.

Guys have been brainwashed into thinking he?s out there, and he?s the enemy. He hurts women and mistreats them. He’s a jerk. ??In reality, there?s actually no such thing as a ?Bad Boy.? The Bad Boy is actually just a *set of skills* with women that the Nice Guy is missing. ?That?s it!? It?s a formula that any guy can use to get women hopelessly addicted to him.

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