Top Five Movies of Alice Eve

Let me try this one out on you: If Alice Eve is this awesome I can?t wait for Alice Day! Of course, if you, like me, use Christmas Eve to open presents and never have celebrated an All Saints Day in your life but have pranced like mad in a costume on All Hallows? Eve, then actually Alice Eve would be more awesome and therefore this ?joke? doesn?t work. It?s hard to argue that point.

Now that I think about it, is there a holiday eve that is worse than the holiday? If you go to a Memorial Day or Labor Day party, are you more likely to have it on Sunday when you don?t have to get up the next day for work, or try to party late into a Monday night, Tuesday morning? It?s the same thing with the 4th of July if it is a weekday, and there are still plenty of fireworks shows that happen on the 3rd because more fireworks over more days are just better. As much as I love Thanksgiving, it?s the night before that is the party night as people return to their home towns to get liquored up to create that hangover to handle the family festivities the following day. I?ll probably have to give you Valentine?s Day, and the occasional Saturday St. Patrick?s Day, but I think New Year?s Eve is the ultimate argument stopper. I win. To celebrate my win, I choose to celebrate Alice?s movies in a tribute to her and Eves everywhere. *

* After thinking about how eves are superior to days, I imagine Alice Day to be the drunk, homeless, out of key singing, grubby, smelly, pooping on the streets of Los Angeles in the middle of Sunset Boulevard, Earth-2 manifestation of Jessica Day, the imaginary character played by Zooey Deschanel that is part of the ?New Girl? universe. If there is an Alice Day out there in the real world, I?m sure she?s swell.

5. The Raven

Yes, it?s Edgar Allen Poe as played by John Cusack and Alice, but it?s the two Brendans that got me interested: Gleeson and Coyle. If you want to see a great little funny movie, check out ?The Guard? with Gleeson, and one of my favorite TV shows right now, ?Downton Abbey? stars Coyle.

4. Decoy Bride

Not only does it have Alice, it also has the lovely Kelly MacDonald to go with the Tenth Doctor.

3. Big Nothing

I?m really beginning to appreciate Alice?s choice in co-stars. (Let?s just pretend that she gets a choice and it?s because she?s so beautiful. Sigh.) This one has Simon Pegg of ?Shaun of the Dead? and ?Hot Fuzz.?

2. Starter for 10

This movie has ?Doctor Who? and ?Sherlock? connections as Doctor Donna Catherine Tate and writer of both shows Mark Gatiss co-star with Alice. Plus, it has James McAvoy from ?State of Play,? ?The Last King of Scotland? and the guy who brought the young Charles Xavier to the screen.

1. She?s Out of My League

Were there ever truer words spoken about Alice? Her co-stars include two funny and beautiful actresses, Jessica St. Clair from the unfortunately short-lived ?Best Friends Forever? and Krysten Ritter, who had a great guest role on ?Breaking Bad.?

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Alice Eve top five?

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