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Every person is different. Every person has their own thing going on in their heads, and has whatever weird hangup from their previous relationship, and has some weird mommy and/or daddy issues, and just have certain fetishes that they enjoy. We’re all strange folks. So, whenever there is a list out there of ways to “turn her on” or “get her in the mood,” obviously there’s a certain disclaimer that comes with that — these may fail depending on the person. BUT, that said, there are certain things that MOST people enjoy. And so whenever these things come out, we’re all playing an odds game. Most girls will enjoy certain “turning her on” moves, but to find out you have to try them first.

So today we’re heading to Men’s Health where they have a list of 33 different ways to get her in the mood. Among their choice selections that must be heeded if you want to turn her on:

2. Embrace Her Until She Ends It
Good kissing tops most women’s lists of turn-ons, but don’t underestimate the heating power of a great hug, especially when she initiates it. “Let her know how much you savor it,” says Lou Paget, author of 365 Days of Sensational Sex. Make it clear you don’t want the hug to end.

3. Wear Her Name
Women love to hear men use their names. The more unexpected the place?like in the middle of a sentence?the better. Better still, write her name on your shoulder, your hand, or anyplace she’ll have a chance of spotting it. It’s a tattoo without pain?one that gives only pleasure. “It will make her laugh and think you’re so adorable,” says Davidson. “It says, ‘You matter.’ “

Head on over to the link to check out the other 31 ways, and then give them a little try tonight with the lady of your choice.

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