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The #1 Secret To Qualification…

Do you feel this way too?

Teaching at my last workshop here in Los Angeles, I started talking about qualification.

Not two minutes in did a client raise they hand and say, “YES. Please explain this qualification thing, I’ve never been able to get it.”

I’ve also heard the same thing from my readers – many, many times.

Apparently, this whole “you’ve gotta qualify her bro” advice just isn’t hitting the way it needs to and that makes me really really sad.

So in this series, I’m going to explain some of the nuances behind “Qualifying” and of course, the #1 secret to qualification.

(What kind of series would this be if I didn’t reveal a damn secret!)

Let’s begin with WHY qualification…

Why are we even discussing it?

Is it that important?

What the world do before bros were telling each other “you just gotta qualify her bro”..

qual2Qualification has slowly solidified itself as the nucleus of my game, and has been crucial to my success – specifically with the girls most “in-demand”.

Here’s the thing:

Most really hot girls have seen good game before.

Whether it was from a guy reading his Jason Capital or just a dude who learned at a young age that you tease, play and challenge the girls you want…most really hot girls have seen good game before.

And they’re not impressed.

Telling that sorta cute girl you and her would never get along will probably get her chasing.

Telling that really hot girl, who’s had guys spitting game at her all day long for a more than a decade (most of it weak and supplicating), you and her would never get along will probably get her doing nothing but saying, “OK.”

I have a theory that I’ve since made a fact.

All the buying temperature stuff, the teasing, disqualifying, the role-playing – it works with ALL GIRLS.

But it works right away on the girls who haven’t been offered dick on a silver platter their whole lives – if you like the 1-10 scale, this would probably mean up to an 8.

You can open with most of this stuff, granted your sub communications are down, and tear it up.

For the girls cuter than that, you’ll find that it won’t hit nearly as consistently.

This is because, in her mind, the status roles are in her favor, not yours.

Obviously, this doesn’t apply if you have the general status like being a well-known celebrity or the situational status like buying out the VIP section.

I actually had a client recently who’s had leading roles in a lot of BIG movies but didn’t know how to use it to his advantage. All it took was a little technique from me based on this theory, and now he’s cleaning up like he should have been all along.

And that was all because he learned how to flip the Status Roles with charm and power.

So for the really attractive girls, you first have to cement the Status Roles in your favor, and then you’ll find that all the buying temperature, flirting stuff works like crazy.

(You might even find it works even BETTER because these girls haven’t let themselves so freely play and flirt like that in a long time.)

How do you flip those Status Roles?

You don’t tell her you’re a more valuable person than her – you show it.

You imply it.

And you do it by QUALIFYING.

When you qualify your prospective girl, you’re having her tell you why she meets your standards (or qualifications, the words are almost interchangeable) or you are telling her why she’s currently meeting your standards.

You wouldn’t be doing this if you were the little brother.

You would be doing this if you were the boss in charge looking for a new secretary.

Women are naturally attracted to men of higher status – period.

“Status” can range from good body language, vocal tonality and eye contact to being in the specific club where everyone knows you and responds to you positively.

And the act of qualifying itself IMPLIES your higher status role. When she buys into it, the roles are cemented in your favor.

So in the next installment of this series, because I know you’re going to TAKE ACTION and apply this information, I’m going to show you:

* how to make sure she buys into your higher status role

* the 7 key ways that qualifying builds your status levels (and her attraction for you)..

* and the #1 secret to qualifying that I now mandate all my clients REMEMBER FOREVER..

Ohh, the suspense.

See you at the next one.

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