Must-Read: The Best Shades Around

If the heat hasn’t been enough of an indicator to you all, summer is nearly here. And when the summer comes, so does those long days out at the beach and playing sports and just strolling around outside. First and foremost, make sure to bring your various forms of sunblock because, man, you do not want to get the skin cancer. But secondly, you’re going to want to get some sunglasses in order to make it so that you’re not just sitting there squinting the entire time and shielding your eyes from the harsh, harsh glare. Not only will it leave you with wrinkles and maybe even deaden the color of your eyes, but you also won’t look nearly as cool without the sunglasses.

That is, if you get the right ones. If you wear stupid sunglasses, well, then you’re better off just not going outside at all. So today we’re heading to Men’s Health, where they have a primer on what kinds of sunglasses you should be wearing. Among their selections include this amazing pair:

Mosley Tribes

The square frames make these old-school metal aviators ideal for round face shapes, while the tasteful top bar and comfortable temple tips will make you want them, regardless.

Photo: Mosley Tribes ($245,

And also these:


You might want to avoid these severe square frames if you already have an angular face. But if you have an oval face shape?and unshakable confidence?this shape is for you.

Photo: Moscot sunglasses ($275,

The entire thing is worth giving a shot to see what pair best fits your face. And then get on out there and keep your eyes away from the sun.

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