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Must-Read: Best Road Trips


amalfi1Driving in America has turned into a chore. With ugly highways littered with billboards simply taking over much of the country to get you from point A to point B, what’s missing is a lot of those gorgeous scenic highways where you wouldn’t need to pull off the road to see some amazing sights. The fact is, some road trips are simply fantastic on their own, it doesn’t matter where you’re heading to. As the old long-cliched saying goes, it’s about the journey, not the destination.

So this Memorial Day, we’re linking to something that will hopefully get you to form a whole bunch of memories. Today, we’re heading over to rel=”nofollow”>, where they have a handful of road trips that you just need to take. Among their selections for trips that will keep you sane are this amazing one, that we’ve actually done before:

Amalfi Coast – Italy
The skinny roads that wind around hillsides can’t be driven fast. They’re too small and the Italian carabinieri are eagle-eyed. Instead, take it slow and enjoy the innumerable panoramic vistas over the Med and sun-drenched multi-colored Italian towns stacked like Lego on the hillside.

Worth a shot! As are the other 49 road trips around the world they list. So give some a whirl. But first, get on out there and enjoy some fine BBQ today. We’re going dark for the rest of the day here, but we’ll be back tomorrow with all the normal content you’ve grown to love.

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