Standing Out Through Color

There are a lot of debates when it comes to color and color matching, but one thing is clear: whoever tries it, provided that they follow a few simple guidelines, have more success with women. Long gone are the days where men would only wear black, white and blue.

Men used to look at wearing color in a very simple way. They would choose a fashion item in a color that they liked and they would just wear it. Simple, right? Well, not exactly so.

The issues is that this type of thinking results in very ? and I mean VERY ? basic outfits. Read: unattractive outfits.
Colors are meant to be worn together, guys! They match each-other (either partially or totally), they can complement each other in a pleasant yet bold way ? you just have to know how to do it.

The era of poor contrasts such as red and black or black and brown is over. I?ll show you some killer color combinations that will look stunning. So let?s dive right into it, shall we?

Combination #1: white, blue and brown

Don?t? worry: I?ll keep things simple with 3 to 4 colors tops. Blue, brown and white is one of the easiest one you can begin with, yet still be at an advanced level. The trick is to wear more than one shade of both blue and brown. This way you?ll do a lot of partial matching while avoiding to wear a lot of colors that you might be uncomfortable with.

So how about a pair of brown loafers, blue socks, blue shoes, a white shirt with blue or brown stripes and a blue scarf? You don?t need to follow any rules other than wearing white socks. Just play around with these 2 colors and add white wherever you?re not sure what to wear.

Combination #2: khaki, brown and red

OK, now things are getting a little more interesting. We?re adding red for once, which means you?ll stand out a little more than usual. But the beauty of this combination is that khaki and brown are from the same color family (khaki is just a very very light brown). The color rules are the same here, you can wear any color on any clothing item you want.
As far as accessories are concerned, you can just add a brown leather bracelet, red cufflinks (I have one of them and they?re great) and a brown belt. Now, the shoes don?t necessarily have to be brown, you can just go for light brown or even khaki ? provided you can find such a pair.

Combination #3: black, blue, white and red

You might think this is something complicated but that?s not necessarily so. Black and white are always safe to wear and blue ? you?re probably used to. This means you can just add as much red as you feel comfortable. Ideally, if you get this color combination right, you?ll see a lot of inviting looks from women and, as you can imagine, this will reduce your approach anxiety tremendously.

In conclusion

There are a lot of color combinations you can try but you don?t have to take things too literally. Don?t freak out if you can?t find red, any reddish color will do. Remember that we don?t have to match colors perfectly, the end result has to stand out, look good overall and make you feel comfortable. That?s it!

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About George Lazar A geek in high-school and college, George became hooked on men's style because he saw it's amazing effects. After a few years of changing every aspect of his clothing and reading everything there is to know about the topic, he now looks amazing. He published his first book about men's style and was invited on TV to show it.

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