The #1 Secret To Qualification, Part TWO

In our previous installment of The #1 Secret To Qualification, we covered the fact that most guys simply don’t get qualification, cleared that up and then went on to discuss one of the most powerful aspects of the technique..’s power in establishing Status Roles between you and your girl.

We left off by promising we would cover:

* how to make sure she buys into your higher status role

* the 7 key ways that qualifying builds your status levels (and her attraction for you)..

* and the #1 secret to qualifying that I now mandate all my clients REMEMBER FOREVER..

..all of which we’re going to cover right now.

When she buys into your qualification, she’s saying “Yes, you have status, which is cool, and I wouldn’t be upset if I got your approval.”

This is all good for both parties.

You get attraction from her, she gets good vibes and emotions from you.

There are two main ways I “qualify” a girl:

1. I ask her specific questions related to my personal standards and things I look for in girls, and she answers (hopefully honestly)

2. I comment on specific things I like or am noticing about her – I am “qualifying” her based on certain behaviors and commending her for a job well done

Both of them inherently come from a place of higher status and she feels that, she likes that.

And it all stays within in the seductive realm of Me/You communication, which is where most of your conversation should be as a naturally attractive, charming man.

Most of the time, when I ask her a specific qualifying question, she’ll respond positively right away.

For instance, if I say to her, “You seem like a really chill person. Have you always been that way?? < she answers, you guys discuss, share opinions, anecdotes, etc, then you follow up> So what would you say is your favorite thing about being relaxed and chill?” or something like that, she’s into it, answering positively, qualifying herself to me as I partially approve.

This is because I’ve been doing this a long time and am f*cking good at it.

But what if you think she won’t want to play your game right away? What if you don’t think you can get away with asking a question like that?

If she views you as lower status than her, she won’t play, that’s true.

So what’s a guy to do?

Do it anyway.

Go bigger, bolder, badder and qualify away.

What’s going to happen is she’ll test you back. Here’s why:

You’re supposedly of lower status than her.

But then you’re asking her questions and saying things that only a guy of higher status would say.

So she subconsciously thinks to herself, “OK, so this guy thinks he’s a major leaguer, I’m willing to give him a shot but first let’s give him a test and see if he’s for real or just doing something Jason Capital told him to do..”.

So she’ll test you.

Maybe she ignores what you said.

Maybe she throws it back at you.

Maybe she wants to know why you’re asking that.

Whatever it may be, it’s good news for you, killer.

It’s your opportunity, your one shining moment to let her know YES, you are a high-status male she would be lucky to get the opportunity to make the procreation with.

You qualify her boldly –> You pass her test –> You are higher status in her eyes –> Attraction

And the key to passing tests is simply NOT emotionally reacting (aka your state is not affected by her) and maintaing your frame.

If she ignored what you said, you can be sure your SUBCOMMUNICATIONS are off.

Your body language could be better, your vocal tonality could be more “breaking rapport” and deeper/louder, your eye contact could be stronger and so on.

If she throws it back at you with something biting and banter like, “Obviously, I’ve always been amazing,” you can take her test and flip it on her, making it like what she said was actually her trying to make her like you.

I might respond there, chill and calm, with something like , “And you’re cocky too. How did you know I have a weakness for chill, cocky girls? That’s really not fair..”.

And if she asks why are you asking me that, I’d simply say, “Because you seem kind of interesting. I was curious to learn a little more..” or “How about you tell me now and then I’ll tell you why I was asking..”.

(I’d go with the second one if she was more of the sassy type, and the first if she was more of the yoga pants type.)

Bottom line, you boldly qualify, calmly pass tests if they’re there and BAM, you’re higher status and she’s attracted.

And because I know you like to know the reasons why that is, as promised, here are the 7 ways that qualifying like this build your status levels (and her attraction for you):

1. Qualifying like this forces you to (have) and make your standards higher, which increases your status, which in turn makes you more desirable and attractive.

Standards and status are very, very closely related.

When you raise your standards (and truly mean it/live by it), your status also rises with.

2. Qualifying like this puts you in the drivers seat.

It’s now you deciding if she meets your standards.

Plus, you’re now gifting her with the opportunity to have something to live up to, and if/when she does gain some approval from you, the emotional spike feels 10X better for her than if you had little to no standards like everybody else.

3. Qualifying like this makes you a challenge for her, something she can try to win over.

This is KEY and will be talked about in detail in the next and final installment of this series.

4. Qualifying like this makes you different than everyone else.

Everyone else wants to small talk about and talk about bullshit they don’t really care about.

Boldly getting right to the heart of matter and cutting through the crap saves you time, frees you up to talk about what you actually want to talk about is naturally attractive on its own.

5. Qualifying like this also implies your non neediness and indifference to the situation, as it should.

She hasn’t met any of your standards yet, so what’s there to really be interested in?

I understand she’s probably a hot girl and your P in her V would be fun but there’s a 800 million (I checked) other girls out there who would be just as good for the same purpose.

She needs to show you other things, specifically related to your standards and personal values, before you begin to invest back.

6. Qualifying like this makes her feel special and unique.

When done in a “want, like but don’t need” kind of way, this is a VERY good thing.

7. Qualifying like this makes her invest with you, emotionally.

Not only does her investing in you raise your status even higher on its own but it simultaneously builds her commitment to you.

Don Juan himself could take a pass at her but if she feels deeply invested in another guy already, she’s going with Guy 1.

Guys sometimes ask me, “Jason, what would I do if I was with a girl but you came in and decided you wanted her? What could I do to keep her mine?”

First off, I don’t take other guys girls unless they actually deserve something like that but if for some reason, but even if I wanted to, there would be almost nothing I could do if she had enough time, emotion and energy invested in you.


So we covered the two main ways to qualify a girl, how to make sure she buys into your higher status role when you are qualifying and of course..

..the 7 key ways that qualifying builds your status levels (and her attraction for you).

And now, finally, in our third and final installment of “The #1 Secret To Qualification”, we’re actually going to cover (you guessed it)?the #1 secret to qualification.

I’ve already made mention of it once but now we’re finally going to reveal it for it’s magnificent power in magnetizing the pussy.

I’ll see you there.

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