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How to be Consistent with Your Game

Written by Robert King (Kingy) who is CEO of:?

It?s easy to go running once. It isn?t even that hard to go running for an entire month. What?s really difficult is going running, day after day, for years. It?s easy to start something; it?s much harder to consistently finish it.

Many people think consistency is a matter of willpower. That the people who exercise every day, always save a percentage of their income. Or those who manage to approach women regularly for years until they find their perfect partner have a special ability to endure.

I completely disagree. I think consistency has little to do with willpower and in this article I?ll give you the best techniques to create consistency.

Be pro-active

It really helps to set tasks to do for that day / week. Before the week or day ends write a list of things you are going to do game related the following day. It is best to write this list each evening for the following day. Take control of your game by being pro-active rather than reactive.

How many times are you going to go out?

What sets will you approach?

Where will you go?

What technique will you practice?

Are you going out solo or with wings?

What days are you going to go out?

Have a Plan B

Life is unpredictable and complicated so it is important to have a back-up plan. What if your friends cancel on going out with you? What happens if you are kept late at work one day? What happens if you get too much Approach Anxiety?

It is important before undertaking your plan of pick up action that you layout both a Plan A and Plan B. Think of every conceivable scenario that will prevent you from reaching your goal. If that then happens, you have an achievable back up plan in place.

e.g. I will go out an approach 4 days per week Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and if I miss a day I will do day time on Sunday.

e.g. I will do 5 solo natural authentic approaches during the day. If I have too much AA then I will ask 4 directions and do 1 natural authentic approach.

Build Momentum Gradually

It is never easy to change old habits or to create a new one. It takes will power and discipline. The first few days you might have motivation but motivation is an expenditure of energy and quickly that will fade. What you are left with is discipline and daily habits.

Don?t put too much pressure on yourself with hard objectives. Start off small and start winning. Each little victory you have will build your beliefs that you can actually reach your overall goals and objectives. These little successes will build your momentum and allow you to continue with your improvement. Doing 5 directional approaches will help you the following day to make your first Natural Authentic approach. Your brain will be a lot more accepting of a gradual change rather than a big change. So by creating little steps your brain won?t recognise a big difference and so the approach will be a lot easier.

When you build momentum gradually then in time you will be able to pick up women naturally and easily because your regular practice is pulling you in this direction.

Create new hardworking beliefs

Core beliefs are key to success in game and becoming a hard worker. Start focusing on the positives and avoid being critical on yourself. Whenever you notice that you are being critical on yourself stop it. Meditation helps a lot with this. It is also important to start praising and recognising the good things that you do each day. Our Deep Inner Game sessions with CBT really help with this.

Show up everyday

People try to be consistent by doing something irregularly. This is not going to work, it is vital to show up every day and do some approaches. It is far easier to stay consistent by doing something every day or nearly every day. Make game the priority in your life, it should become an irreplaceable part of what you do. Seven days a week can be draining but just one approach each day minimum is easy. It is important to work from a fixed schedule. Set it and stick to it.

Make PUA part of your routine

Aim to do game at the same time of day, every day, all the time. This is the easiest way to make it part of your routine. Game needs to be so deeply integrated that you roll around confused at night when it is missing. You will feel like something is missing if you skip a session. If you get this feeling, then you know game has become part of your routine.

Don?t hang out with losers

That was a little harsh. However it is important to note that. ?You will become who you spend the most time with?. The key for a good wing is a guy that goes out all the time?. a wing who is positive and also an approach machine. The absolute ideal is to find a consistent group of guys who live fairly close to you that go out all the time. That way you will always have someone to approach women with. If you don?t have a group of wings then go solo and be consistent to yourself. Going solo in my opinion can be even better than going out with wings because you will learn to have fun and socialize with new people by yourself (the ultimate confidence builder).

Be a finisher not a starter

?For every hundred starters I?d estimate that only two would be finishers? – The art of the start
The starters are really enthusiastic with big goals. They do everything like a hurricane but within a few months you never hear from them again?. Maybe they got bored?

The finishers are completely different. They have the same level of enthusiasm but it is controlled. They talk about projects and goals but they outline them for months and years. They have an appreciation that to get great at something will take a long time. Don?t quit until the job is done. Write down what ?Winning? is for you and keep at it until you get there. Choose to stick to a plan and enjoy the bad days and nights because success is for those that want it hard enough.

Don?t beat yourself up

We are all human and we all mess up and we will mess up many more times in the future. I?m not going to say I?ve been out 7 days a week for 9 years. We all slip up and decide not to go out sometimes. If you miss a training session or you don?t do as many approaches as you should then forgive yourself. If the goal you?ve set is too hard then set a simpler goal for the following day. Forgive yourself and get back on it for the following day. It is very easy to say things like ?I can?t do anything? or ?I?m weak? but this will only re-enforce negative beliefs. Instead say ?I?m only human, I?ll start a fresh tomorrow?.

It?s been great connecting and exploring the game with you,
Peace n Love,

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