Must-Read: Nailing the Office Relationship

We’ve never had an office romance before. Not because we didn’t want one — thinking about our past, there’s a few that pop their way into our heads of destinies that were never meant to be fulfilled — but because it’s a really, really, really scary scenario. Think about it: Whereas a normal timeframe for dating someone, if you’re dating someone who you’re working with, then you are seeing them 5 maybe 6 days a week! For at LEAST 8 hours a day! On top of that, you’re actually working with them so you have to be able to separate the feelings you have during the work day. On top of THAT, you have to deal with the various remarks and eye-rolls from other people in your department.

Which is to say, dating in the office may be a hassle. But there are ways to be successful at it. So today, we’re heading to Men’s Health where they have a primer for how to navigate the slippery entity that is the office romance. Among their bits of advice that we all must heed:

Rule #3: Be breakup-ready

Not to be a buzz kill, but no matter how promising your new relationship seems in the moment, more likely than not it won’t work out. More than 60 percent of all new couples call it quits within the first year, according to Rosenfeld. Given these odds, the best way to avoid the ugliness of an office breakup may be to talk about the possibility while you’re still in the blissfully nascent (albeit ignorant) stages of courtship.

Head on over to check out the other pieces of advice, and then get to make that office romance a reality. If you’re really into it, that is. If not, then run like a bat out of hell away.

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