Must-Read: How Fitness Leads to Wealth

Long gone are the days were the richest men in the world are super overweight fat cats wearing suits that need to get specially tailored every few weeks just to account for the various extra steaks they’ve eaten at business meetings. Instead, the new CEO of today seems to be generally some kind of active, fitness fanatic that not only leads the way at the office, but also at the gym. Is there some mentality that translates from one aspect of life to the other?

That question is what lead us to read this eye-opening article from Men’s Fitness all about how being great at perfecting your body can make you great at perfecting your income. For the piece, the folks at the great mag followed around Strauss Zelnick, the former president of 20th Century Fox and BMG Music, in order to find out the secrets to his multi-millionaire lifestyle. Among their findings:

An avid cyclist, skier, and boxer, Zelnick often indulges in twice-a-day training sessions, one in the early morning?usually private?and another in the afternoon, the latter often involving his ?fitness posse,? a group of like-minded business executives, fellow powerbrokers, and even his own sons. At 55 years old, Zelnick is in great shape for his age. For any age, really. On top of that, business is thriving, and by all accounts he seems happy. He?s firing on all eight cylinders.

?All I know is this: The factor that most correlates with success in business is knowing what you want,? Zelnick says, ?and then, of course, capability comes in. Don?t make the pool of what you want too big. Keep your interests reined in. Family. Business. Health. Then, once you identify what you want, it gets easier. When you know what your goals are, attaining them becomes easier.?

Head on over to the above link to check out the rest of the fascinating piece, and then start getting into the gym and deciding what you want your life to be.

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