Must-Read: Don’t Be An Asshole

A certain mentality exists around the world of pick-up or dudes being dudes that causes guys to act like assholes. It can be a certain worry that other guys are competition, or that if they make fun of someone then they’ll look better overall, or simply some bullying attitude that has carried over from high school. The problem with this kind of thinking is two-fold: (a) You look childish and like a fool is you start making fun of people; (b) You can get the crap kicked out of you because, frankly, who the hell knows if the person you’re making fun of has a black belt in whatever kind of jujitsu is popular these days. So, it’s important to keep in mind a variety of things to avoid when talking to people out there in the world.

So today we’re heading to where they have a list of things that you really, really, really shouldn’t say unless you want to get the shit kicked out of you. This is a list that is necessary and vital for our knowledge. For example:

No.10 I used to wear those.

Ugh. Great. You just told someone that they are out of style and, by insinuation, that you have better style than them. Why don’t you just give them a wedgie in front of the cute chicks at the bar? If your effort at conversation is to make yourself feel good and the other guy foolish, you are on the super-highway with destination set for punch-in-the-face town. Don’t worry about what anyone else is wearing. They ain’t asking you to wear it.

Head on over to to check out the rest, and then get to keeping away from getting your ass kicked.

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