Must-Read: Getting Through a Dry Spell

We’ve all been there. You spend a massive amount of time out at the bar, on the singles circuit, over at the various dating websites, and for whatever reason, you cannot seem to have any luck with women. You strike out more often than Mark Reynolds. (For the non-sports-enthusiasts among us: He strikes out a lot.) And you start thinking that there’s something terribly wrong with you. Does anyone else go through this? How are you to cope?

So today we’re heading over towards a vital piece of reading from the folks at entitled “Why Can’t I Get Laid?”. The piece goes through the struggles of one man as he goes through an entire near-year without getting laid once. But this is not some self-attempted exile in order to clear his head or something. This is him using his best efforts, and it just not being good enough. It is, once again, vital reading.

The piece starts:

I haven?t had sex in a year. OK, it?s actually been seven months, three weeks, four days, two hours, and 25 minutes, but who?s counting? Not me, obviously. It feels like a year, so that?s what matters. And let’s face it, saying “a year” carries way more dramatic weight, which is useful for the purpose of this piece, so let?s just go with it, shall we? But before you snicker, point, pity, whip doughnuts or do whatever it is you lotharios do to people like me, let me explain.

I like to consider myself a sociable guy. Yes, I spend most of my waking hours glued to a screen, either surfing the web, watching Game of Thrones or living vicariously through your Instagram uploads, but when the sun goes down and the pints get poured, I’m usually there, collar popped, hair slicked, “making the scene,” as they say. In fact, even though I’m now 30 years old, I haven’t really curbed my partying tendencies since college, the reason being that in college, going out was almost always directly correlated to getting laid, and guess what? I still enjoy getting laid, although you wouldn’t know it by my recent track record.

So head on over to and read the rest, and then see how that kind of thing helps your own process of getting it on.


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