Must-Read: Faking a Beach Body

We’ve spent plenty of time in these parts talking about the various ways to get yourself a beach body, mostly focusing on how to go about getting yourself a six-pack in the ol’ abdominal area since that’s what the ladies are going after anyway. But one of the areas we neglect is just how to make it LOOK like you’ve been at the beach when really, you have yet to dip your toes in the water. This is an important thing to learn, especially if your schedule is too intense in order to get on out there.

So today we’re heading over to where they have a list of various ways that you can fake a beach body. What does that mean, “fake a beach body?” Well, basically it means


Men tend to disregard the state of their feet on the simple basis that they?re hidden from view for most of the day. Snug footwear, pounding pavements and over-clipping are the prime culprits when it comes to unsightly feet. By flip-flop season, the cumulative effect of such shameful neglect can become a public offence. There is the issue of foot funk, ingrown and discolored nails, corns, calluses and a variety of other afflictions.

Here are three ways to overhaul your feet:

1. Toenails are thicker than those on your hands, so give them a good soak in a salt-water foot bath before cutting. Invest in a pair of decent clippers (never use scissors) and cut horizontally across the nail. Rounding out the edges is only asking for an ingrown toenail at a later date.

Check out the rest of the article to see the other two ways that you can fix your feet in order to make them beach ready, and also other areas of your body you should focus on in order to make it look to everyone else that your body has been at the beach all summer.

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