Top Five Destinations of Norfolk, Virginia

As I researched interesting things around the Norfolk, Virginia area, I started to think about friends that I?ve had that have lived in the area. Then I realized that it is quite a few people that were in the military. I checked out Norfolk on the Wikipedia and it helped to confirm those ideas that the military had an impact as Norfolk is home to the largest Navy base as well as NATO?s Strategic Command Headquarters. So, it makes sense that the first thing that piqued my interest about Norfolk is the first thing on my list of five things I?d like to explore when I visit.

Tour the Battleship USS Wisconsin at Nauticus

Right now, I?m reading ?December 1941? by Craig Shirley and I just got to December 8th and the damage done at Pearl Harbor is still not fully realized. The USS Arizona went down that day and remains in the same place with a memorial above it to the men who perished that day. The Navy launched the USS Wisconsin two years after Pearl Harbor and the Iowa class battleship was part of the Pacific Fleet when the U.S. took back Manila and Marines landed at Iwo Jima. I?m not a blindly patriotic guy, but to be able to stand on the deck of that historic ship would probably fill me with quite a bit of nationalistic pride for the wartime accomplishments of the armed forces and the factory workers back home.

Go fishing in the Chesapeake Bay or Atlantic Ocean

I enjoy the waves as I ride in an ocean bound chartered boat. The gentle and not-so gentle rocking make me smile as I am not that far away from a refreshing dip in the water and maybe some body surfing. (Well, as long as I can see the shore I suppose.) The fishing is an added bonus, something to occupy the mind, and later the stomach. For the Chesapeake Bay, from the pictures, I?d go with Blind Date Charters. For further out in the Atlantic for tuna, mahi mahi (dolphin) and marlin, I?d go with Blue Dragon Fishing Charters.

Visit the Hunter House Victorian Museum

I often laugh at people that seem so wrapped up in the Royal Family, the Royal Baby and Royal Nudity. I like to think that I don?t care about such things. Then, I realize to myself that when I get curious about the style of life in the Victorian Era, I?m not thinking of something named for a dame that works in a bar. So, as I explore Hunter House Victorian Museum and maybe have a spot of tea, I?ll console myself with the thought that the Royal Family was different back then. Yeah, sure, I almost believe it.

Eat dinner at Freemason Abbey

One of the interesting facts about the Freemason Abbey Restaurant is that it served as a meeting hall for the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, which I?ve always thought sounds like an interesting group. In addition to being an interesting building, the Freemason Abbey has a delicious menu including She Crab Soup, Crab Stuffed Mushrooms and the Broiled Seafood Platter.

See a Norfolk Tides game

I love to go see baseball games. I?m sure I could wind my way up to Nationals Park or Camden Yards from Norfolk, but to avoid the drive, I?ll be more than happy with a Norfolk Tides game. The AAA affiliate of the Orioles, the team currently has a pitching staff that includes top prospect Kevin Gausman, Japanese signee Tsuyoshi Wada, former top prospect Zach Britton and former World Series champ Freddy Garcia.

Any suggestions for things that I missed? Any additional recommendations for the area? Just let me know in the comments.

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About Jason McClain Jason is an aspiring novelist, which means there is a lot of time to put off writing and watch baseball or go fly-fishing, hiking and traveling. By "a lot of time", Jason means "procrastination."

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