Must-Read: Keep Track of Your Drinks

Drinking is a whole lot of fun. We love drinking. Maybe we don’t exactly have a problem with the drink just yet, but there have been times in our past where we’re sitting there, about 9 beers into the night, hammered out of our mind, fuzzy logic getting to us in a variety of ways, when we wish that someone was next to us throughout the night keeping track of how much we were drinking. Sometimes, those nights out just kind of lose themselves and you’re not entirely sure what you’ve ingested until the check comes to deliver some unfortunate news. But in this day and age of technology, there really is no excuse. That phone that you’re always checking can not only double as email, your checking account, a video camera and a way to check your fantasy team. But it can also act as your good subconscious, telling you maybe it’s time to stop.

So today we’re heading over to Men’s Fitness where they have a list of 9 apps that you can download on your phone that will help you along counting the way when you’re out on the town for some hard-core drinking. In face, here’s two for the iPhone:

BAC Alcohol Calculator
This interactive BAC calculator has more than 30 predefined beverages for users to choose from, but it also allows users to customize their drinks to match what they?re actually imbibing.
(, $0.99)

R-U-Buzzed? allows users to enter their weight, gender, hours spent drinking, and amount of alcohol consumed. It?ll display the words ?You?re buzzed? if you?re not sober enough to drive. It also has a GPS feature so that users can locate a taxi in the area for a safe ride home.

So head on over to above link and check out the rest of the apps that you can use to help get your drink on, but in reasonable fashions. And then pick the one that’s right for you.

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