Must-Read: Best Fitness Bands

A few times every week, we try to give you a little heads-up as far as what is the most fashionable thing to wear. This is generally the realm of our great writer, Natasha, who brings us the various bits of flair that you need to have in your closet as one of your options when heading out. (Really, if you’re not checking in here every Friday for her column, well, you’re missing out and probably, currently, dressed like a fool.) We leave that kind of thing up to her because, honestly, we don’t have a fashionable bone in our bodies around here. We are more worried about whether or not certain clothes have an actual function that we can point to. Shoes must be comfortable, clothes must fit correctly, and earrings must be minimal because there isn’t a point to stick a hole in your ear.

Take today’s topic, for example: Fitness wristbands. These are things that actually have a worthwhile function, in that they assist in making your workout that much more powerful. So today we’re heading over to, where they have a listing of the best fitness bands that money can buy in order to help you along with your workouts. Among the ones that they are highlighting to make your workout that much more intense and worthwhile:

Garmin Forerunner 610
The popular Forerunner 610 is one of Garmin?s most advanced fitness watches. A big, bold touchscreen makes information easy to view and swipe, and the feature set includes distance, pace, GPS position and track back to the starting point. “Virtual Racer” and “Partner” features help get you more engaged by simulating a little competition.

Head on over to the link to see photos of the lovely band, as well as specs for the other brands that they’re hawking. And then get on out to the track and give them a test-spin or two.

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