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Top Five Movies of Michelle Pfeiffer

I’m not sure what I think about this. First of all, I had this idea of examining this idea I’ll explain because when I thought of Michelle Pfeiffer, after her looks and the fact that she once starred in a Batman movie, I thought, isn’t she married to someone whose name I know? So, I preface this essay with that. However, thinking of Batman and recent news, I had a thought: if I looked at articles about Ben Affleck and about his spouse Jennifer Garner, would the articles focusing on one, mention the other? I’m not going to provide links to anything, as that would drive my editor crazy, however I suggest performing the Google searches yourself.

Now, let’s go to the results of my informal survey. Doing a Google news search on “Ben Affleck” turns up 14 results on the first page. Doing a quick find on that page, and I get zero results for “Garner” or “Jen.” Doing a Google news search on “Jennifer Garner” turns up 10 results. When I search for “Ben” I get results on two different links.

michelle3So, you’re probably saying, what about the body of the articles? That’s a valid question. I clicked on a, Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Forbes and Huff Post Entertainment and did a find for “Jen” on all of them. The Hollywood Reporter article had 3 matches, two for Jennifer Lopez and one for Jennifer Hudson. The had a Jennifer Aniston mention in the comments. I selected four articles on Jennifer Garner, one from Huffpost Celebrity, one from The Daily Mail, one from The Playlist and one from US Weekly. I did a find for “Ben” and found respectively 3, 1, 0 and 2 mentions. The reason for the zero? 199 of the 363 words are devoted to a synopsis of Jennifer’s movie “Dallas Buyers Club.”

So, for Michelle, I will not mention her spouse. I want all the focus to be on her and these six movies. (Yes, she gets a bonus for you having to sit through that non-scientific study.)

6. Into the Night

When I was younger, John Landis could do no wrong. “Animal House,” “The Blues Brothers” and “Trading Places” all made me roll laughing. So, when “Into the Night” opened, I was there on opening night. Michelle made it all worthwhile, with a nice assist from Jeff Goldblum.

5. Married to the Mob

It stars Michelle along with two other very funny women in Joan Cusack and Mercedes Ruehl with Alec Baldwin as one of the many mob men and a pivotal one at that.

4. Dangerous Liaisons

To start the period piece section of Michelle’s movies, here’s one that also has Uma Thurman, Glenn Close and the future 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

3. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

In addition to Michelle, there’s also Calista Flockhart (whose real name sounds like a Shakespeare character) and Anna Friel (from the greatly underrated “Pushing Daisies”). I couldn’t call myself a fan of “The Wire” without mentioning the appearance of F. McNulty, Dominic West. (The “F” stands for “F**king.”)

2. The Age of Innocence

Martin Scorsese directed this movie that won an Oscar for Best Costume Design. Michelle’s co-star Winona Ryder received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

1. Stardust

What, you were expecting “Scarface”? Well, say hello to my little friends, Neil Gaiman, Matthew Vaughn, Robert DeNiro and the magical Michelle as my rebuttal.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Michelle Pfeiffer top five?

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