Top Five Destinations of Augusta, Georgia

Before I started to write about how tough it is to get tickets to The Masters, I figured I should do a quick Google search to confirm my suspicions. I mean a good friend had got tickets for a practice round, not even the real tournament, through a guy that knew a guy because his father did a free BBQ for them or something. I don?t know. It may have also involved a middle name for a first-born. But, it could be that my friend and his father were rubes with a smoker.

Anyway, this seems like a common search as ?toughest ticket in sports? auto-completed before I got to the end of tic. The first article is an ESPN piece from 2007 from Darren Rovell. As a devoted reader of Deadspin, it pains me to link to it and read it. But, at the top of his list, #1 is what I expected: The Masters. The rest of the list reeks of major sporting events and games you?d see Sunday night on ABC or ESPN, but there is another that intrigues me: The Kentucky Derby. To check out both of those events and experience the unique atmospheres would be a treat. However, I?m far away from both for now. Instead I?ll just plan the five other things I?ll do when I visit Augusta and hope that I?ll fall in with a lovely girl there with tickets. For Masters passes, I might be that shallow.

Hike around the Phinzy Swamp Nature Park

I was just talking with a co-worker today about his time in Florida and how he rode his motorcycle home one night until he came across an alligator sprawled out in the middle of the road. He turned around, found a bar for a beer and pizza and waited for the sucker to move. I think I?d rather see an alligator from the safety of a boardwalk at the Phinzy Swamp Nature Park.

Eat and drink a cocktail at Frog Hollow Tavern

Frog Hollow Tavern is all about local and fresh ingredients and with dishes like Braised Berkshire Pork Shoulder with Smoked Tomato Pork Jus, Smoked Gouda Mac ?n Cheese and Port Wine & Vinegar Braised Collards it works for me. Plus, I like the idea of whiskey barrel cocktails with fresh, homemade mixes.

Learn a bit at the Augusta Canal National Heritage Center

I?m curious to find out how and why the Augusta Canal National Heritage Center became a heritage center. Sure, I could probably just read more about this industrial canal that dates back to 1845, but that would spoil the surprise when I visit.

See an Augusta Greenjackets Game

I think my new favorite minor league team name might be the August Greenjackets. If it were just an old while dude wearing a green jacket carrying a three iron, it wouldn?t be impressive. But, when the mascot is an intimidating hornet type creature holding two bats and wearing a green jacket, I get excited and a little frightened.

Enjoy the James Brown Exhibit at the Augusta Museum of History

I?m sure there are many cool exhibits at the Augusta Museum of History. However, if there were just 15 minutes left in the day before it closes, and I have to rush down the hallway to catch a glimpse of the concert costumes of James Brown, it would be worth every cent of the four-dollar admission fee. Of course, getting there earlier would mean plenty of time to watch and listen to the actual concert footage.

Any suggestions for things that I missed? Any additional recommendations for the area? Just let me know in the comments.


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