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Top Five Movies of Paula Patton

Occasionally an actress?s name will just pop into my mind and I?ll search the internet for her career information. Most of the time, it?s a visual cue that starts me to sleuth. I might see a familiar face on a TV show or movie, or for that matter, an unfamiliar one that blows my socks off of my feet and against the wall, making a decent size dent. If I?m doing a methodical search, I?ll check out IMDB and start looking on their various lists. That?s how I found Paula Patton, starring in the upcoming movie ?Baggage Claim? and the recently released ?2 Guns.?

However, now that I?ve done 133 of these top five lists, finding actresses at the top of lists has gotten quite a bit tougher. Take for instance the month of September. There are 10 movies scheduled for release, eight live action movies, a documentary and an animated film. Each movie lists 4 names beside it, for a total of 40 names. Out of those 40, 16 are female. Out of those 16, I?ve already examined movies for 7 of them. (If you think that?s an exception, October has 12 movies. That?s 48 names listed in the movies. 12 are women. I?ve examined 6 and 3 of the remaining ones are under 18. They may be good actresses and in a lot of movies, but that feels creepy.) Maybe there are a finite number of actresses and I?m reaching the end of the current ones and will have to start looking at Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, not that there?s anything wrong with those classic actresses. Maybe with all of the sequels and trilogies, I?m bound to see the same actresses over and over again. However, as the actresses I see dwindle, I have to look harder and I often find names that aren?t familiar to my mind yet. That?s when I find actresses like Paula and can celebrate her top five movies.

5. Disconnect

I found this position to be a toss-up between this movie and horror film ?Mirrors,? but this one won out because I like Hope Davis and Jason Bateman more than Kiefer Sutherland.

4. London

Talk about lovely ladies gathered together, Paula joins Jessica Biel, Isla Fisher and Kat Dennings in this movie that takes place at a crazy party. For the ladies, Chris Evans and Jason Statham appear on the screen. For the comedy nerds, Louis C.K. and Dane Cook star, maybe as a prequel to episode seven of the second season of ?Louie.?

3. Deja Vu

An action movie with sci-fi elements that stars Denzel Washington and Paula probably doesn?t need much in the way of words from me to convince you it?s worth the time.

2. Precious

When I think of ?Precious,? I think of ?Palindromes.? Maybe it?s because both begin with a ?P.? Maybe it?s because they both concern young African-American women. I think it?s because I know both are going to be a punch in the gut when I finally watch them.

1. Mission Impossible ? Ghost Protocol

Brad Bird directed this film and also directed probably my favorite Pixar film, ?The Incredibles.? I have to say, he?s keeping things under wrap as far as his next movie ?Tomorrowland? goes, but Bird, Jeff Jensen (?Green River Killer: A True Detective Story?) and Damon Lindleof (?Lost?) wrote it and it stars George Clooney, Hugh Laurie and Judy Greer, so I have quite a bit of hope for it. Here?s also hoping Paula has already been secretly added to the cast.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Paula Patton top five?

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