Top Five Movies of Natalie Dormer

Besides the movies below, Natalie Dormer has one credit that interests me from a personal and a business standpoint: ?Game of Thrones.? Since this show is on HBO, the only episode I?ve seen is the 2nd season premiere. (Because I read the books, I knew I could jump in and understand what was happening, but it did mean that I hadn?t had a chance to get used to the actors and the performances and how they differed from my imagination.)

I had HBO a couple of times, and I don?t really get it. Maybe the reason is that I don?t watch movies over and over again. Maybe if I had HBO and they showed ?The Big Lebowski? daily, I would turn it on and watch daily. Still, that seems monotonous. I do miss HBO?s original programs. Back when going to the video store didn?t seem like an activity dated as much as butter churning, I would rent whole seasons of ?The Sopranos,? ?Curb Your Enthusiasm? and ?Deadwood? and watch all weekend. Now that Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus have created online access to that kind of binge watching, I still do it (albeit much slower), yet HBO doesn?t offer it?s programs on any of those channels and you can only obtain them if you subscribe, or if you pirate.

I won?t say I?m completely innocent when it comes to piracy. I used a friend?s Napster account to make myself one heck of a mix CD back in the day. (Though others might disagree with my music choices.) I have streamed a couple of programs when I missed them on my DVR. Now, though, if I want a show, I buy it on Amazon or iTunes and it usually gets delivered the morning after its broadcast. With HBO? I can buy each episode for $3.99 if I only want the first two seasons of ?Game of Thrones.? So from my financial angle, I have just decided not to watch. But, on the opposite side, HBO must be making money hand over fist if they don?t care that the number of illegal downloads nearly equals the number of U.S. viewers.

At some point, I?ll break down and subscribe to HBO, buy the individual episodes or get a password to use HBO Go (meaning I will leach off someone else?s purchase.) Until then, I?ll get my fix of Natalie through these five movies.

5. W.E.

Madonna, one of at least a thousand controversial women in the crosshairs of people who don?t like women to venture out of the kitchen, directed this film that stars Abbie Cornish, Andrea Riseborough as well as Natalie and tells the story of an affair in current times and the affair of King Edward VIII. I can?t wait for 30 years to pass and Miley Cyrus directs a film that combines an office affair in 2043 with the Clinton/Lewinsky affair of the 1990s.

4. Flawless

Combine Natalie with the man that launched a thousand Michael Caine impressions and the man behind the line, ?Diplomatic Immunity,? and I?m sure it has many good moments.

3. City of Life

I?m not entirely sure about the plot to the film, but I am sure about Natalie and Alexandra Maria Lara who played Traudl Junge in ?Downfall,? the movie that launched a thousand Hitler parody videos.

2. Casanova

I?m curious to go back and watch this one that stars the late Heath Ledger. It?s easy to remember him as The Joker in ?The Dark Knight,? but he made a lot of good choices and movies before that.

1. Captain America: The First Avenger

Though not as good as ?The Dark Knight? as I don?t think that any superhero movie can get as dark and tormented as one that surrounds Batman, Captain America goes in the other direction and shows a good, clean cut, milk drinking guy just out to help people and fight Nazis. Sometimes that?s what I need a superhero to do.

Agree? Disagree? Which movies would make your Natalie Dormer top five?


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