Must-Read: Don’t Be A Jerk

Think about the jerk at work. There’s always one of them out there in every office situation, so no doubt you thought of one right away. Now, think about what would happen if he asked you to get him some kind of reports immediately before you run out of the office that day. If he’s your boss, you’re going to do it, but you’re going to do it begrudgingly. But if he’s your co-worker, well, there’s a good chance you’re going to look that jerk right in the eye and say that you actually can’t. He’ll have to do that himself.

Thus is the problem with being a jerk. If you act like an asshole, then people are going to bask in turning you down when you need some help. So today we’re on our way over to, where they have a list of 10 of the jerkiest things you could say, and why they are so jerky. For example:

Are you OK? You looked tired…

Most people have mirrors. Most people actually look into them before they leave their homes. They know if they look tired and probably are tired. Maybe they were out late or maybe they didn’t sleep all night because they have night terrors. Regardless, people don’t need to be reminded of it when everyone is standing around having a chat. This is face-punch worthy.

It’s fairly obvious why this kind of thing should get you punched in the face.

Oh, and also in case it wasn’t obvious to the reader out there, the list of things that make you sound like a jerk are not a list of things TO SAY. They are a list of things NOT to say. Because, c’mon. Don’t be a jerk. There’s no reason for it and it will only hurt you in the long run.

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