Must-Read: Hard Cider Worth Drinking

Hard cider, for whatever reason, gets a bad rap. Maybe it’s because something like Mike’s Hard Lemonade has the reputation of being just “for the girls.” Maybe it’s because we have been so ingrained in our thinking to consider that anything not beer is for girls. Maybe it’s because we’re all really, really, really dumb. The fact is, a great hard cider is a perfect drink on a nice cold day or after a hard workout. It’s refreshing, goes down smooth, has that bit of sweetness that so many of us love and crave, and at the same time certainly does get you nice and drunk.

Which is why the Guy’s Guide to Hard Cider over at Men’s Fitness is worth a definite read. For example, among the suggestions they’re making one of the best beverages around:

It?s Gluten-Free
Whether you were diagnosed with celiac disease, are following a Paleo diet, or just want a drink option that won?t bother your stomach, cider is your best bet. It?s made from apples (it takes about 36 to make a gallon) and doesn?t contain wheat, barley, or rye, which means it?s safe for those avoiding gluten. Plus, unlike gluten-free beer, cider is easier to find and a lot of bars even have it on tap.

And this extremely important factoid, as well:

It Has a Pretty High Alcohol Content

Not that we?re a bunch of binge-drinking college kids, but there?s nothing like a good buzz. A bit stronger than many popular beer choices, most ciders have 5% to 5.5% ABV. Anything stronger than that is, by law, considered to be ?wine,? but if you?re looking for something more, try Apple Brandy, a.k.a. ?Applejack.?

So head on over to the link above to check out the other two facts that will, ideally, have you no longer thinking that hard cider is just for the ladies out there.

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