Must-Read: Low Calorie Foods

In our day and age of factory farmed food tech, calories are kind of tough to wrap one’s head around. Not only does it no longer mean that the actual physical size of the food is related to the amount of calories is consuming in that meal — one need only look at the massive and mostly disgusting piles of beef and cheese that are on pretty much every burger these days — so it’s tough to understand how to cut down on calories. Of course, there are foods out there that actually offer a whole lot of nutritions for only a few calories.

So today we head on over to Men’s Fitness where they have a listing of 50 foods that have under 50 calories, if you’re in the mood for counting calories that day. For example, among the selections they offer that you would be wise to get at the store the next time to shop:

Bell Pepper

2 Calories
What to eat: 1 slice of raw bell pepper

Bell peppers are packed with vitamin C?which supports a healthy immune system?and have a high-water content, so you?ll feel fuller, longer.

And, just to give you something else to get when you’re heading out to the store:


3 Calories
What to eat: 1 floret of cauliflower

What cauliflower lacks in color it makes up for in nutrition. Cauliflower contains a phytochemical called sulforaphane?which has been linked to preventing prostate cancer?and is rich in the mineral boron, which is said to help build muscle and increase testosterone levels. Quick tip: Try steaming or even microwaving cauliflower; it?ll preserve its vitamin content better than boiling.

So head on over to the store and get yourself some delicious treats in the form of nutritious veggies. And then eat us as many as you can!


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