Must-Read: The Worst Ingredients In Things

When we were little, someone once mentioned that seaweed was in toothpaste. We didn’t brush our teeth for a few weeks because we couldn’t understand why some gross thing at the bottom of the sea was doing in toothpaste. Now, since, we understand that seaweed really isn’t all that bad for you. (In fact, it’s quite a delicious delicacy when dried. It’s a great salty snack if you’re looking for replacement for potato chips.) But at the time, it struck us that there are sometimes ingredients in things that you never realized were there. We were not prepared for this harsh reality. And, unfortunately, that kind of thing continues today.

There are, truly, a whole lot of things in foods that none of us know are in there. Sand is a popular filler in some foods. As in tar. As is something like a beaver anal secretion. (For some reason!) Which is why, today, we’re heading over to where they have a list of the grossest ingredients that are currently hiding in the things that you eat. For example, among the sick little nonsense in your food:

Wood Pulp And Cotton

Better known as: cellulose.

Cellulose is derived from wood pulp and cotton. It’s normally used in paper manufacturing, but sometimes it’s also added to our food.

It is added to shredded cheese to prevent the strands from sticking together. You can also find it in ice cream.

The worst part: Humans don’t have the necessary enzymes to digest it.

Head on over to check out the other items that you are probably ingesting, and then how to avoid ingesting them in the future. It’s not an issue you can pay to wait around on, either. This is your body we’re talking about here.

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